The Way From An Outsider To Last Hope: An Overview Of The Clone Wars Final Season

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At the animated series “The Clone Wars“(Clone Wars) turned out to be a thorny path. The brainchild of the head of animation projects Lucasfilm Dave Filoni began its history as a full-length film for movie theaters, which was defeated by critics. Despite the fact that it paid off, interest was quite low, and the first season did not want to take any of the TV channels: in fact, the leadership Warnermedia forced the channel Cartoon network Acquire broadcast rights.

The fans were also embarrassed that the project bears the same name as the magnificent series of short films based on “Star wars“from Gendy tartakovsky. Nor did understanding add to the decision to present the plot not in a single line, but in a fragmented way: the creators demonstrated certain moments of the chronicle in the conflict between the Old Republic and the Confederation of Independent Systems, stylized as propaganda from the Second World War. The main stumbling block was the introduction to the plot of Padawan Anakin Skywalker – young Togrut Ahsoki Tano, which before the animated series never appeared.

But over the following years, the Filoni team managed to win the sympathy of fans of the Star Wars universe by presenting many interesting characters and plots: the life of peaceful separatists, the fall of Mandalore, the secrets of the Force, and so on. Do not forget about such quite wild at first glance things like resurrection Darth Maul. The fan-made gag became a reality, but at the same time he allowed to show the Zabrak-Sith from a new perspective. Maul also revealed Sam Whitver (Galen Marek of The force unleashed, Deacon St. John of Days gone) as an excellent voice actor. As for Ahsoka, she was able to become the darling of the audience and gain a foothold in the pantheon of Star Wars heroes.

As already mentioned, the path of the series turned out to be difficult. Having become one of the most popular shows in the Cartoon Network clip (!), The project did not interest new owners from Disneywho found it too expensive. As a result, the sixth season was reduced to 13 episodes that showed on Netflix. At the same time, the early renderings of the incomplete series hit the Web, and some of the stories were adapted in the form of comics.

The Clone Wars has been replaced by the animated series “Rebels“, which was significantly cheaper in production. However, Dave Filoni was also responsible for it, so the new project gradually turned into a continuation of the first.

The “Rebels” has its own merits, although it has become more focused on the younger generation, which is not surprising, because they did it for Disney channel and Disney HD. To hide the budget, the character design was stylized as an illustrator Ralph Macquariewho collaborated with George Lucas over the concepts of characters and planets for the original Star Wars trilogy.

However, fans did not forget the Clone Wars, constantly criticizing Disney’s decision to close the series. Petitions were created, the project was constantly remembered at conventions. As a result, the entertainment giant lost. After the completion of the “Rebels” in the fourth season in 2018, it was announced the official revival of the project, which became an exclusive streaming service Disney +.

So what is it seventh season of the Clone Wars? These are 12 episodes divided into three story arches. AT “Defective party“to support Commander Cody and captain rex an experimental detachment arrives at number 99, consisting of commando clones with genetic abnormalities that make them unique combat units. By joining forces, they must destroy the tactical center of the Techno-Union, in which they learned to calculate the actions of the Great Army of the Republic.

The second arch is called “Ahsoka’s Journey“, and it demonstrates the life of the lower strata of Coruscant, which are grouped around level 1313. After leaving the Jedi Order Ahsoka Tano communicates with entrepreneurial sisters martesready to take on any work, regardless of its legality. For example, to deliver a cargo of prohibited substances for organized crime groups “Crimson Dawn“led by Darth Maul.

The third arch is a continuation of the second and is called “Siege of mandalore“The war is coming to an end, and the separatists are launching a frantic attack on Coruscant, hoping to capture Chancellor Palpatine. At this turning point, Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano, with the support of the Mandalorian squads, will have to recapture Mandalore from the Crimson Dawn and capture Darth Maul.

It is worth noting that when working on the seventh season, Dave Filoni’s team nevertheless revised their plans. In particular, it was decided to throw out some of the story arches, focusing the main narrative precisely on Ahsoka Tano. So the great arch was sent to the scrap “Son of datomir“talking about the destruction of the Datomir witch clan”Sisters of the night

The act can be understood, given that Ahsoka also appears in the “Rebels”, where she has an important role. But it’s worth noting that the Arch of Asoka’s Journey turned out to be the weakest, which is why the seventh season sags very much in the middle. The Defective Party sets the desired dynamics and demonstrates the relationship of the clones, accompanied by a dynamic action in which commando clones turn the separatist droids into junk. The second arch has other tasks: the creators show that the ex-Padawan cannot adapt to ordinary life and give up his strict moral principles. Along with this, the imperfection of the Republic and people affected by the actions of the Jedi, who have forgotten that they are not generals of war, but keepers of the world, are demonstrated.

However, everything is overshadowed by a third arch. The Siege of Mandalore became a powerful finale of the animated series, incorporating important events that connect it with other Lucasfilm projects: the storm of Mandalore, the confrontation of Maul and Tano, and, of course, Order 66. It should be noted that the format for the weekly series, chosen for Disney + releases, violates the pace of the narrative. The final could well be turned into an hour and a half full-length film, which would easily surpass the original pilot. Well, or release everything in bulk, as Netflix does.

The Disney + streaming platform has a different approach to working with the audience: to maintain the interest of viewers for a long period of time, forcing them to renew their subscription for several months. In addition, the Clone Wars finale was tied to Star Wars Day celebrations.

It should also be noted that the decision of the creators to censor certain moments of the animated series, which Mickey Mouse considered unacceptable. In particular, we are talking about the image of Senator Padme Amidala in the form of a pin-up girl on the skin of the ship of Detachment 99, as well as the scene of reprisal against civilians, which the Technosoyuz arranges. Although censorship on the streaming platform from Disney is generally a topic for another discussion, which will consist entirely of absurdity.

Despite all the problems, the final season was definitely a success, becoming a wonderful gift for fans. At the same time, he demonstrates the obvious: Filoni’s works now actually keep the entire Star Wars universe from the complete collapse that provoked the mediocre policies of the head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy.

The fact is that other more or less successful projects are based on the foundation of the Clone Wars. We have already mentioned Rebels, but this is also true for the film “Outcast One“and the series”Mandaloretz“And the game Fallen order from Respawn in general, it is actually a continuation of the very arch “Son of Datomir.” Do not forget about Rosario Dawson, which should play Ahsoku in several studio projects at once.

The final season is another confirmation of the crisis in the studio’s script group, because the final arch contradicts the book released in 2016 “Ahsoka“. What should not be surprising, because the Disney canon with Kennedy’s favorites has long turned into a sieve and apotheosis of delirium and irrationality, and the ninth episode of the saga only aggravated the situation.

All this only strengthens the authority of Dave Filoni and his team in the eyes of fans who see him as their last hope for Lucasfilm. I want to believe that dreams will come true.

The seventh season of Clone Wars is available for viewing exclusively on Disney +.

8 out of 10

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