The third day, I am very surprised to learn that some of the fans of The Walking Dead angered how Telltale in A New Frontier received a hero who could choose Clementine in the finals of the second season. This fans’ fury would be pertinent if it were not for one “but”: Telltale have any choice between the NPC, tied to the life and death, leads to the fact that the history of the NPC will disappear and the first, and second.

Рецензия на The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Ties that Bind

If you want a game that really responds to your decisions – try Sorcery! or The Age of Decadence. They do just that, although the onset of any of these games is not preceded by a pathetic message that “the game will remember your decision and accordingly adjust the story.” The Walking Dead is also corrects the history, yes. But it varies greatly from this scenario?

If in the years that have passed since the release of the First The Walking Dead, you have tried most other Telltale Games, and they will mostly (not) like it, A New Frontier will not surprise you. Nothing. And though, hey, there is something else: the first two episodes surprisingly short, even by the standards of Telltale.

Рецензия на The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Ties that Bind

Another bad news: a little matured Clementine took the role of an auxiliary character. Occasionally it is immersed in memories, in which we have to perform six movements, but only just. The star of this season – Javier, whose back story we tell in great detail.

The fact is that on the day when the familiar world collapsed, there was a tragedy in the family Xavi. In the house we were gathered: the older generation, brother Javi, his nephew and niece, and their stepmother. All just mourned the newly deceased grandfather, when he suddenly got up and went …

The story of how it all started – usually the most tragic and interesting in the universe The Walkind Dead, but most of the game is traditionally devoted to the usual wandering in the American heartland in search of water, food, gasoline and other supplies.

Dialogues appropriate, consist of “Put your weapons down, we can agree,” “they’re good people,” “I could not protect her,” and other remarks that in all previous games, seasons of the television series, etc. it was possible to learn by heart. Even if you did not want this. Therefore, somehow allocate Xavi, his companions, his new friends or new enemies you should not – you’ve already seen. Many, many times.

Рецензия на The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Ties that Bind