Disgaea games have a circulation of over 5 million – review addiction

Company NIS America announced that the game series Disgaea have reached a significant milestone with over five million copies sold as of early September. On this occasion, the President Nippon Ichi Software Sohei Niikawa thanked all the fans of the series.

According to the head of the company, the first part of a series of role-playing games, Hour of Darkness, was developed primarily with a Japanese audience in mind, and the creators never expected to be so warmly received in the West. He also hinted that work is already underway on a new part, and in it the developers rely on the feedback received from players around the world.

In an interview GamesIndustry.biz Niikawa suggested that the series owes its success primarily to its niche. Without the need to weigh their decisions against what is expected of games for a wide audience, developers would not be able to create those plots and game mechanics and resort to daring experiments.
To celebrate the 5 millionth purchase, NIS America announced holiday sale. Fans of the series can buy not only games, but also products based on the series. And on a special site are waiting for mini-games, contests and stories about what Disgaea is.

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