Analytics: Portrait of a Russian gamer and the popularity of devices in the second half of 2023

Company My.Games conducted a study of the Russian gaming market and presented a portrait of a typical gamer for our country. The survey was attended by more 1.5 thousand elderly person from 15 to 44 years old

It is noteworthy that, according to the Institute Higher School of Economics, over 65 million Russians regularly play video games. Of the polled 1.5 thousand people 85% of respondents launch mobile games at least once a month. Play on PC 82%, and on consoles – only nineteen %… Moreover, more than half of the people noted that they play every day.

It turned out that mobile games are equally popular among women and men, and computer games are preferred more by men (58%)… The latter also pay attention to the competitive and tactical genres, while women choose casual ones, including music and life simulations.

The most important motivators for gaming were the desire to improve gaming skills, the ability to choose characteristics and the presence of an editor for the appearance of characters.

Also, online retailer Wildberries conducted his own research, according to the results of which I found out: the demand for goods for e-sports and gaming in the third quarter of the year increased 9.5 times… Most of all, Russians bought ready-made PCs (their sales growth from July to September amounted to 342%). Consumers also purchased laptops at 274% more game wheels – on 219%, processors – on 166%, gamepads – on 127%, and consoles – more than 90%

In addition to this, according to experts GfK, in the fall of 2023, the demand for monitors in Russia was 14.5% higher than a year earlier. Half of the models sold are 24 inches. In the same time 34% displays – larger.

The growth of displays with a frequency of from 240 Hz… Their sales increased by 325%… IN top-5 among the most popular 27-inch monitors with a resolution Full HD and a refresh rate of 240 Hz included the flagship Samsung C27RG50FQI

Segment of monitors with refresh rate from 120 Hz also grew – by 110%… Of the latter, the 24-inch Samsung C24RG50FQI and 31.5-inch C32JG54QQI

According to the analyst firm, the average cost of a 24-inch monitor was 9 529 rubles, and 27-inch – 16 493 rubles

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