The unstoppable roll of Rock of Ages II

The Chilean ACE Team developer is not well known by the masses, but still has a wide niche of admirers, passionate about the great creativity, and often originality of his productions, such as the first person brawler Zeno Clash (and related sequel), the platformer action Abyss Odyessy, the eccentric action The Deadly Tower of Monsters and, above all, the crazy Rock of Ages, probably the game that has obtained more consents and success among those listed. What better reason to dedicate a following?


So it was and Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder has seen the light in a particularly busy August finale of interesting outputs , passing a little ‘quietly. Too bad, because it is an excellent game that sparks eccentricity from all the pores and that deserves a little ‘attention.

The unstoppable roll of Rock of Ages II
The fifteen levels of play have very different visual styles and they are all very beautiful to see


Let’s clarify one point: the concept of Rock of Ages II is identical to that of Rock of Ages, without major variations.


So there are still two characters confronting each other by throwing heavy boulders along the tortuous levels to make them crash into the rival fortress, with a very simple strategic section in the middle that consists of placing obstacles on the path to slow down the opponent.


The winner is the first who manages to break through the gate of the enemy castle with well-aimed shots, crushing the occupants. When we speak of well-aimed blows we mean data at maximum speed and brought with a boulder as intact as possible.


The obstacles have the exact function of slowing down the boulder and crumbling it, trying not to make it reach its destination.A destroyed boulder is a missed coup, which brings us back to the strategic phase. The news is almost all around and are not few.


But let’s proceed with order. Solitary players will have four ways to choose from: the campaign, which we will discuss in a separate paragraph; the war mode, basically a one on one in which you select a map and face a single opponent with the standard rules;


the obstacle course, in which the participants compete in levels with obstacles placed by the CPU, equal for both; and the time trial, which does what it promises, that is, it is a challenge of speed on paths without obstacles.

Online modes are basically war and obstacle course, only play against a human instead of artificial intelligence. In reality, even the time trial mode has an online side, since the rankings are global and therefore we are confronted with players all over the world. But if you want this aspect you can ignore it and you can limit yourself to conquer the medals (gold, silver and bronze) falling below the indicated times.


As already mentioned, the core of Rock of Ages II is the single player campaign. In the first episode we dressed as Sisyphus who had to go around breaking the castles of the adversaries to free


himself from the yoke of the gods. In the following his place was taken by Atlas, who at the beginning of the game let us infuriate God by letting the Earth slip … on the ground. Now, do not expect a coherent plot from the title of ACE Team because there is not (half a species yes, but no more).