The review of Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation White Noise

The new season of Rainbow Six: Siege comes concurrently with the launch on the servers of Operation White Noise, content update and load of various balances that we had already had the pleasure to observe and try in Sao Paulo , during the world finals of the third season of the Pro League.


Three new operators and a new map are added to pre-existing content, revolutionizing the way they play and bringing more variety to the roster. After almost two weeks from the launch comes the time to pull the sums to see if Ubisoft is moving in the right direction or if there may have been a stumbling block.

The review of Rainbow Six: Siege - Operation White Noise


The new setting is probably the best panorama ever seen on Rainbow Six: Siege. Of course, with the frenzy of action and the desire to run towards the objectives often do not focus on admiring the contours of the playing areas, but in this case it is worth pausing to observe the city below.


Tower, this is the original name of the map, actually takes inspiration from Namsan Tower in Seoul but then it is completely detached for both external design and location. While the Namsan Tower is positioned on a lush hill, Tower stands between houses and buildings, completely changing the exterior appearance with infinite windows and going to substantially modify all the interiors. Let’s just say that inspiration is only a “political” matter


Of course, of course, given that Tower is able to offer a completely new gaming experience compared to what has been seen so far, above all thanks to an excellent verticality and shooting lines that often go beyond the usual corridor sightings to move in clashes between the ceiling and floor.Emblematic has become the elevator trumpet, a huge area that crosses all three floors of the tower and gives access to every single level. Tower is probably one of the best maps ever, thanks to an excellent extension, a great variety and an excellent destructibility.


Ubisoft seems to be really committed to the maximum for the realization of these DLC that continue to bring new players and keep alive a title that is running really fast. The more than 25 million players, on the other hand, can certainly not be a fortuitous event and if the next seasons will keep up with the previous levels we might find ourselves talking about Rainbow Six: Siege for a very long time.


The goal of Siege is to get over the years to have a hundred operators to choose from, perhaps with ban and pick for attack and defense as the most recent MOBA and a variable destination dictated by the choices of players in the pre-game. This idea, this long-term vision of Ubisoft production, works as a spring to make players feel confident of their investment of time and is a philosophy that has always paid on today’s market.


Things are going well and support is massive and constant and the only difficulty in inserting new soldiers will be the need to find every time gadgets and weapons that not only diversify them sufficiently from those already existing, but also allow them to have an immediate impact on the gameplay so as to completely revise tactics and strategies.


It is a simple speech apparently but in reality very difficult to put into practice as it must always deal with a very demanding professional circuit and a casual audience that tries to have fun on a completely different range of skills and needs.


With White Noise the goal is centered since this update aims to completely revise the defensive mechanics related to the positioning and use of surveillance cameras, as well as the use of drones for the frontloading. Dokkaebi has the ability to steal the phones of the downed operators and infiltrate the system, thus exploiting the robotic eyes to spy on the positioning of the defenders.


What’s even more interesting is that, if successful, the defending team will be completely blind and will have to base their attentions only on the noises, since they can not foresee in any way where the assault will arrive. Another peculiarity of Dokkaebi, which always plays on the disturbing element is a surprise, it is the possibility of making the mobile phone play to the opposing operators, making them more easily identifiable.