The review of NBA 2K18

The NBA 2K series has sold millions of copies all over the world and has achieved enormous success last year too, so much so that it has obtained the unanimous recognition as best series both for sports simulations in general, and obviously for basketball. 


And yet, fortunately for the fans, the prestigious results achieved so far do not seem to have scratched the convictions of the developers, which in fact do not spare efforts to give the public an even more complete edition of the one that preceded it every year.


From this point of view we can already anticipate that this year, things have not changed. But if you want to know how and why, then continue reading.


The game modes of NBA 2K18 are a lot of tradition. Difficult to list all without much effort to the article, so in this review we will focus on those in our opinion are the most interesting. For this reason we quickly clear the “show”, Season and La Lega mode, playable on the network, then the one called Playoff, for those who want to start directly from the postseason,


and My Team, a sort of Ultimate Basketball Team in which to exploit of the appropriate credits to build from scratch a team composed of current players and legends,with the news of the Packages & Playoffs, online mode where you have to choose a quintet holder and a coach, starting from a specific style of play, and the introduction of a salary cap to prevent the


abuse of the most powerful cards. More interesting then is the Blacktop mode that allows you to play without excessive frills of the fun games on the streets, alone or with real friends, in challenges 1vs1, 2vs2, and so on up to the canonical game 5vs5 choosing and customizing parameters as for example the conditions of victory (get to 21 points rather than 13, and so on).


But the beating heart of production, as always, remain the modes of My GM and My Career.In the first, the videogamer is called to play the role of General Manager in a team chosen from those available in the large roster, managing both from an administrative and technical point of view. In the role of this manager you can then organize the technical


staff choosing the coach, the athletes and the talent scouts to unleash for the USA looking for young budding champions, or still establish the weekly rhythm


of the team planning day by day the stages of training or rest. In addition to the normal role of supervisor of marketing, sales and operational activities, the gamer can also devise schemes, strategies and then physically drive the team playing normally. This year the mode is enriched by a sort of story that involves the



NBA 2K18 offers players 51 trophies, divided into 38 Bronze, 10 Silver, 2 Golden and 1 Platinum. The prizes are distributed in the various game modes. There are some simple, like the bronze that is unlocked in the online play mode now beating a team of Level 1, and more difficult, such as those that expect to complete all the objectives in My TEAM, up to platinum, which you get unlocking all the others.


In My Player / My Career, the videogame player is called again to impersonate a young talent eager to explode and become an NBA star.

But this year things are definitely more interesting, since you can aim to reach a total level of 99 and that the session is no longer a succession of games interspersed with movies, but allows you to immerse yourself in a kind of open world in which it is possible to interact directly with other real players, both inside and outside the basketball court.


My Park, Pro-Am and My Career become an integral part of a shared world called Neighborhood Life,wide and varied because it provides a real neighborhood with places to visit. To start you need to create your own virtual alter ego with the appropriate editor, this year to tell the truth rather lackluster in terms of options.