Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire

If you do not get the first part of pillars, or you do not particularly digest the party isometric RPG with an active pause – you do not have anything to do with Deadfire.

Some mechanics Obsidian brought to mind, corrected various defects and oddities of the original, but the very essence of the game remained the same.

But if you are not familiar with the genre, but want to get acquainted – then try to sense there.


Starts Pillars of Eternity 2 cheerfully – only the Guardian put things in order in Dirwood and settled in their fortress Qaeda Noah.

As the god of light Eotas moved into a huge statue that rested under the castle and everything broke.

The hero perishes, and the statue is directed towards the archipelago Deadfire.

What for? Unknown. Just to find out why Eotasu has to live in a huge adroist dummy, the Guardian receives an audience with the god of death of Beras.

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Successfully resuscitates and goes in pursuit of his soul.

Well, or not resurrected, you can spit on everything and die finally at the very beginning – also the ending.

Expand the plot further – spoiler. The only thing I can say is that the central storyline in Pillars of Eternity 2 was even shorter than in the original. Obligatory tasks are literally five-six, and if desired, the game can run hours for ten.

But if you slow down and go on secondary quests, then ten hours will not get rid of. I finished the game in 50 hours – and in the end I did not finish all the tasks (not because of my laziness.

But because of the mechanics of the final segment, where you need to choose one of the factions).

All thanks to a large game map, which is now also non-linear.

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Despite the fact that most of the map is occupied by the ocean, it will be necessary to walk around the islands more often.

On land, there are a lot of random events, designed in the form of an interactive book.

Locations that need to be carefully studied,all kinds of bushes and cemeteries that can be searched for loot.

Classical RPG-study.

Most of the locations turned out to be interesting. For example, the underwater laboratory, which once engaged in experiments to create huge sea monsters.

Or abandoned ruins, where players are waiting for an obstacle course in the spirit of Indiana Jones (and in the end you will certainly try to bury it under tons of sand).

Everything is very detailed and often inventive – here you will not reproach.

But there are no large-scale zones in the game, except for the capital of Dedfire, Nekitaku.

Locations are at best three-four-storey, and more often and generally single-level.

However, wandering around them is still interesting – if it’s just not some dull cave with two enemies and a trunk at the end. This is also there.

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To the credit of the authors, they managed to avoid samopovtorov, so almost all the islands turned out, in general, unique.

But this does not apply to random encounters and events on the map.

There are regularly found the same locations and events.

And in most of them the group for some reason wades through the jungle and sinks in the swamps.

Apparently, someone in the Obsidian marsh fetish.

Adventures are sufficient not only in the uninhabited corners of the archipelago.

For example, one day I sailed to a small port and was surprised to find that it was inhabited by living dead people.

At first everything was going well, but in the end I still wanted to have lunch. I had to fight.

Or the same Nekitaka. A large multi-level city – but there is enough research, and battles, and secret locations that lead to the most secluded corners.

But the adventure, of course, you need to look for, if you sweep strictly on the plot – you will not see anything.

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Deadfire is not for the impatient at all. Excessive haste in the pumping can lead to the fact that you can not normally perform an important (or not) quest.

A missed dialogue will make you go crazy when you get to some puzzle.

Well, in battle the whole group risks to die very quickly just because you were too lazy to give out orders and decided to score an opponent with usual blows.

And nowhere to hurry. This is not Fallout, where the character was given a certain amount of time to search for a chip for a water generator.

Here you can safely spend a year and a half on the study of the map, the world will not collapse.

Yes, in the context of the plot (the hero needs to catch up with a runaway god who is going somewhere with an unknown goal), this looks very strange.

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But the Pillars of Eternity 2 timer would only spoil it. What’s good, when the game poses a choice – a story or a study of the world?

Do your own business as much as you like.

Wait to explore the world – take on side quests, there are enough of them.

Tired of side-projects? Help your companions solve their problems.

Want to become famous? Look to any of the factions and help her (or sabotage if you work for competitors).

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As before, in Pillars of Eternity 2 there are a lot of dialogues. And the chatter is enough as in cities.

When you run and collect quests, and on the missions themselves.

Many enemies do not mind to spill with a couple of words (sometimes – strong) before they begin a fight.

Although it may not start – it all depends on your inclinations, abilities and companions in the group.

Sometimes different offshoots of tasks, tied to characteristics, do not guarantee the successful completion of the quest at all – it is better to answer somehow neutrally and evasively. Here, of course, the role is played not only by your pumping, but also by the way you play out your role. Here, by the way, it’s the easiest way to find fault with Obsidian – far from all dialogs you can play a certain role.

That is, the maximally evil character that supports the slave trade.

Drowns all whoever gets and cuts out entire villages for the sake of a fried chicken.

It will not be possible to win back. At least in dialogues.

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The combat system as a whole has remained the same.

Unless the battlefield is readable now is somewhat simpler.

Thanks to the appearance of multi-class characters the variability of battles has increased.

And so – all the same battles in real time and the ability to put the game on pause to think over tactics and give out orders.

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For lazy people who do not want to use an active pause, there is an opportunity to tell the companions the rules of behavior – to program.

Algorithms can be painted literally for all occasions, which greatly facilitates the battle.

But to let the fighting on its own, even with the perfectly prescribed behavior of the companions is not necessary – the satellites sometimes behave not very adequately and easily fill up the whole battle.

The abilities of heroes are limited by the level of their power, restored either between battles.

Or by using special power points in combat.

But at least you do not need to carry firewood with you.

In order to fight normally, few skills and competent management – you also need a good weapon. And it’s enough.

Starting with the banal “white” items, ending with the legendary things with a spiritual connection from the supplement White March.

Such weapons require certain actions to reveal their potential, but the result is worth it.

Sometimes such items on the global map help.

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he first 30 hours I could not believe that this game is Obsidian.

I caught only one sortie, and that was in the pre-release version.

But when I had to go through three quarters of the plot and open most of the map, everything fell into place – yes.

It’s the brainchild of the same people who made Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol.

Fouling opponents in battle. Looping dialogs that do not allow you to finish tasks normally.

And at the very end, I broke the portrayal of portraits, and instead of them flaunted huge red question marks on a white background. Elegant.

In turn, many players complain about the regularly falling frame rate and on VERY long downloads between locations.

Well at least the picture in Pillars of Eternity 2 is much better than in the first part and Tyranny, made on the same Unity engine.

Over Deadfire Obsidian obviously worked longer and more diligently.

As a result of which the character models became prettier.

The locations became more detailed, and the effects became more spectacular.

Add to this the dynamic weather system, the change of day and night and a perfectly beautiful sea.

A decent level for such a game, but the bug graphics, of course, does not justify.

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Obsidian again had a classic role-playing game designed for a narrow circle of players.

In Deadfire, there is enough freedom and content, and most importantly.

Everything is fine here with role-playing (not perfect, but there is always something to grow).

Compared with Pillars of Eternity 2, the first part seems not a full-fledged game, but only a foundation.

It’s a pity, of course, that the plot in Pillars of Eternity is SO low.

But on the ending it is clear that the authors are going to make the third part.

It was not a perfect, but great game for the fans of the genre.

However, if I were not a fan myself, the score would be lower – keep in mind.

And yes, Obsidian, announce the continuation of Tyranny.