The review of Injustice 2 on PC

eason Pass to be purchased separately, or directly an already inclusive solution of all the DLC to be published, however a little further? Warner Bros. has preferred the first option: it may displease a little for the extra packages, integrated only in the Ultimate Edition, but in the end we talk about a still fresh and rampant title, equipped not only with a spectacular single player sector and substantial, but also a very interesting and well implemented online component. We proceed however with order.


As you surely know, if you have read our review of the console version, Injustice 2 takes us back to the alternative DC universe in which Superman lost his senses following the Joker’s killing of Lois Lane, deciding to use the iron fist and establish a totalitarian regime for the control of the entire world.


Opposing this view we find Batman and a handful of other heroes, which leads to an epochal battle between two opposing factions and the arrest of Kal El. But a new threat approaches the Earth: the evil Brainiac and his robotic troops they want to conquer the planet, and they will need all the help they can to stop them.


The plot of Injustice 2 actually starts from afar, specifically from the planet Krypton, which in the storyline created for the occasion was destroyed precisely because of Brainiac. The young Kara El manages to escape thanks to her mother’s sacrifice and in the space she sees the spacecraft that will bring her cousin to safety, but once on Earth the confrontation with other heroes and villain will make her understand the Superman drift of Superman and the reasons why siding against him. The campaign tells this story in an effective and engaging way , alternating with the command of different characters before the final confrontation with the interactive brain, while allowing many freedoms to hold balanced fights between figures that actually have very different levels of strength.

Injustice 2 review on PC

Apart from this, the final result boasts an indisputable quality and impeccable direction, elements assisted in the local version by a dubbing of excellent workmanship, with the usual Marco Balzarotti in the role of the Man Batistrello and a cast that covers well the various roles. In terms of single player content, the Injustice 2 offer is very rich: in addition to the campaign there is a traditional arcade mode with different endings for each character, but above all the Multiverse mode, c


omposed of a series of challenges set within alternative realities, with a sequence of more complex clashes, to be completed by often submitting to particular modifiers and unlocking with each victory pieces of equipment to be assigned to the hero for enhance it in various ways and modify its appearance. Then there is the multiplayer component, both locally and online,


with normal or classified games that can count on a quick and effective matchmaking: during our tests we did not find any problems of any kind, with prompt and precise reactions thanks to the sixty frames per second constants that the experience must guarantee to avoid any problems in terms of latency and synchronization between users.


The roster of Injustice 2 boasts a large number of new entries compared to the first chapter, fifteen, including Supergirl, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, Robin, Firestorm and Swamp Thing. Once again the choice of the characters has been very well thought out and there are no clones:


every hero or villain has a unique style, strengths and weaknesses that must be assimilated and used to the best during the fights ,


through the execution of devastating combos, interactions with the scenery (very spectacular those that allow you to break through a wall and plunge into a different area from the map), special and super really exciting moves, only executable when the appropriate indicator is full.