The review of Atomega

At the end of time reality will finally dissolve, bringing with it the last remaining forms of life: the Exoform, officially described as “super-advanced post-biological life forms”, in fact of the energy spheres that can transform the collected matter into body mass. What is their goal? Have fun, literally. After all we are at the end of everything and there is not much else to do.

Atomega's review
Another giant is required against a colossus


Atomega is an online shooter where up to eight players collide on a single arena to accumulate more points by collecting matter before a ten minute timer expires. At the beginning of each game the players roll on the map and must be involved in the collection of cubes of material


. Doing so does not only increase the score, but allows you to grow your avatar, making it more powerful and resistant. In total there are six stages of development (seven, if we count the initial one called Atom), which greatly modify the approach to action and exploration of the map: when you are a small and fast creature, you can cross at great speed even the narrowest underground


tunnels, but fighting against the larger Exoforms is a real suicide;growing, however, the mobility decreases, the spaces become narrower, the map suddenly becomes smaller (in relation to the new dimensions), but the shots start to hurt more and the others have to be afraid.

Atomega's review
In the Omega stadium, it only counts to survive as long as possible

Let’s say that of the seven stages, the first four are dedicated more to the collection of matter (and escape if necessary), while the last three allow to fight more effectively. In particular, the final stage, called Omega, transforms us into a very slow and ethereal colossus that in order to stay alive must suck mass from the other players or from the cubes in the circumstances, using its deadly ray.


Despite having many constraints, the Omega phase is very important because it is the one where more points are accumulated.Usually the really good players manage to reach it once or twice a game, while the poorer ones can also never get there.


Remaining on the subject, let’s try to understand what it takes to fight, given that so far we seem to have described a kind of evolved Pac-Man. Killing an opponent causes him to lose mass, bringing him back to the initial stage of development (that of Atom).


The lost mass can be collected by the other players. Fortunately, if you understand that you are going to be killed, you can however use a convenient teleportation for a quick escape, at the price of losing a stage of development.

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Basically, gunfights are not too exciting, because they take place between creatures of asymmetrical power: as good as it can be, it is almost impossible to beat a stadium opponent superior to ours. The ten collectable upgrades in the form of golden cubes do not help in this sense, apart from the shield that makes invincible for a short time.


However, they are very comfortable in many situations. For example, facing an equal enemy by activating the healing power offers an undoubted advantage in terms of resistance, as the magnet allows you to accumulate matter faster, allowing us to attract the cubes not only by approaching them, but also by shooting them.