Final Fantasy XV Universe

We would have put too much time, by the way. We are, however, very happy with what we have now realized in VR because we feel that we will be giving a complete and solid experience to our community: we will have the ability to handle a character that will in effect be one of the kids, one of them, a friend. 

We will enter the universe of Final Fantasy XV and we will become Noctis friends and all the others. It is something we believe can provide an added element to the experience we have given to the full game .

” Immediately after another fishing decline ( why, then, in jRPG fishing? ), Instead, will come the latest DLC – or at least the last announced – about Ignis:“In December we will tell the last missing piece of the story of the protagonists, that is when Ignis loses sight. 

In the original game, only the world is seen from the eyes of Noctis, as you know, so it was necessary to give the version of his companions as well. It is to be said that the main requests that came to us during the last survey we have launched concern the production of two other DLCs: those of Lunafreya and Ardyn. 

We would really like to achieve them to meet these demands, but we are part of a great company that manages many things and we must necessarily respect those that are our tasks. 

We really have to figure out whether this need for the players reflects those of Square-Enix: it would be nice, however, to create something like that .  

Final Fantasy XV Universe, Hajime Tabata tells us the future of Noctis

Switchable Combat System
Once we have Ignis’s gameplay in December, Tabata, along with Sakimoto, will show us the beat system of all four of the Final Fantasy XV group members . Considering all the new implementations, including Regalia, which is no longer a racing train, it might be time to switch characters even in the original title: “Technically, it would be a no-no challenge, but at the moment there are many things that they would prevent us. We will try something like this, surely, it is something we would like to see.

For now, however, we are aiming to bring Final Fantasy XV to other platforms, to reach as many people as possible, then we will understand how to optimize all aspects ».

Just to this end, to bring the title to various platforms, we come to talk about A New Empire , the mobile version of Noctis, a product that, unfortunately, seems more like a disfigurement than Final Fantasy XV: “I got to meet the development team (Epic Action, a Chinese company) and talking about the title I noticed in them a great sense of respect and charm, so I trusted.

I thought giving them the license could be a way to get players who had not yet considered our game and that we would give them a chance to try something new .

Pocket version will soon arrive on mobile, too :”I supervised the concept and embodyed the idea of ​​division into chapters,” says Tabata, speaking of his involvement – but there is a group dedicated to work that is very much prepared for mobile development. ” Stand by me Inevitably, the last part of our meeting has moved on the multiplayer component of Final Fantasy XV :

Final Fantasy XV Universe, Hajime Tabata tells us the future of Noctis


“Our goal is to fill the ten-year dark, telling as many details as possible. Each character can become the protagonists of those events and find out what happened. The character creation system has been told that it is very detailed and the feedback was absolutely positive, but we were told that the level of difficulty is too high and therefore it will have to be revised and rebalanced, but also a beta serves strictly to this, to understand where the mistakes are. 


The combat system also seemed very basic and we want to implement something new and deeper. We still do not know when the final version will come because we have not yet decided on a precise release: at the moment we still have many bugs to review and fix, and above all we must make everything very stable. We originally thought we would publish it in the fall, but I think we will see our plans again. “