The return of the old school

Pac-Man championship edition dx review

Talking about Pac-Man is a bit like talking about Shakespeare. Believe that the great classics have already said all that they could say, and then instead you discover that there is always something new and interesting about them. Just like the adventures of the Bard, the story of the yellow sphere with the mouth born looking at a pizza can be told in many ways, enhancing a frenetic and old school gameplay that mixes incredible reflections, colorful levels and electronic music.


For those who thought they had seen everything with Pac-Man Championship Edition and had a second dose with the DX version , it’s time to change their mind, becausethis second chapter, despite some flaws, pushes the game to new and interesting territories that lead to the roots of the concept of “video games”. The perfect title to take a break from the modern concept of “videogame”.

Pac-Man Championship Edition II is the game you need to get away from today’s titles!


The return of the old school

The basic concepts of pac-man championship edition dx II are those of any arcade game: making points, making them more than others, surviving as long as possible. Each level in pac-man championship edition dx+ involves having to eat a certain number of pills before unlocking the fruit that will take us to the next scheme; to achieve this in the shortest possible time it is important to immediately identify the perfect trajectory that will allow us to chew all the chewable without retracing our steps and without ever crossing the path of hated ghosts,


even if touching them will not immediately mean certain death. Yes, do not do that face, sometimes it is necessary to renew and ms. pac-man champion edition  II does it by changing a pillar on which supports the entire structure of the game, but fortunately without sin of lese majesty.In fact, we can collide with a ghost three times before that gets angry like the landlord of a tenant and starts chasing us to eliminate us. 


Fortunately, the fury lasts a few seconds, after which the ghost resumes his journey. Depending on the level of difficulty we will have one or more phantoms that get angry, while the others are simply mobile barriers against which to bounce with the sole purpose of making us lose the only real great resource of the game: time. Both in scoring mode and in the


Adventure mode we will have to be very careful with the stopwatch, since in the first case we will have only five minutes to score the maximum possible score, while in the second we will be asked to bring up the coveted fruit so as to complete the assigned mission.


In Pac-Man Championship Edition II the sleeping ghosts return, that is the ghosts positioned around the map that wake up only if we pass by and that are queued to one of the main ghosts creating a real little train that, in some cases, it will make the game a sort of hybrid between Pac-Man and Snake.

The return of the old school

Compared to the past, the sleeping ghosts will be positioned in areas of the map that will allow us to guess the perfect path to be done both to wake them all, and to eat all the balls.Being able to create a train of ghosts long enough is essential from the point of view of the score, because when the map will appear on the map that will allow us to eat the ghosts, the longer the train, the greater the score we can get.


But be careful, even in this case there is a small variant: the train of ghosts can be eaten only starting from the head, otherwise we will be bounced back.


We will therefore have to guess its path and anticipate its moves. To help us there will be a line along the maze that will show the obligatory path of the ghosts. In the simplest levels, where there is only one ghost to act as a “snake”, it will obviously be easier, but when we find ourselves facing four it will be much more complex to imagine the trajectories

 Pac Man championship edition dx release date

Release Xbox Live Arcade
November 17, 2010
pac man championship edition ps4

  • EU: November 24, 2010
  • NA: November 23, 2010
  • JP: November 24, 2010
  • AU: November 24, 2010

Windows Phone
May 3, 2011
Windows Store
November 2012
September 27, 2013
iOS & Android
July 23, 2015