The recap of the Sony conference: Paris Games Week 2017

New IP and Virtual Reality
The pre-show was a chance to show not only Guacamelee! 2 – metroidvania sequel with a heavy footprint developed and published b


y DrinkBox Studios in 2013 – but also a whole series of more or less interesting titles dedicated to PlayStation VR. Surely, Sony plans to push on its Virtual Reality viewer, although this time too, “big” titles have been missing to catalyze the attention of presenters. The main event, however, opened with a really unexpected announcem


ent: we are talking about Ghost of Tsushima, the new Sucker Punch IP, creators of Sly Raccoon and Infamous. A surreal atmosphere, an extremely realistic graphic compilation and above all the fact that it is a new exclusive Sony, has seriously sent to all those who have been able to admire the first preview trailer. What should NiOh seriously lo


ok behind? Right after that was the turn of  Concrete Genie . game developed by PixelOpus and coming on PlayStation 4 in the coming year. The title will make us dress like Ash, a boy who, to flee from the bullies that torment him, decided to take refuge in scenery populated by bizarre creatures.
Shortly after , Erica was shown  , a fictional developmental adventure for PlayStation 4 (fully live-action) whose narration will be heavily influenced by player choices. Immediately after terrorizing the viewers thought to us  Not Hero , DLC free


of Resident Evil 7 where we will wear Chris Redfield’s clothes: release, December 12th. Another new IP, this time far less interesting than the previous ones: we are talking about Blood & Truth , a shooter developed by SCE London Studio for Virtua


l PlayStation VR devices. Then go to Ubisoft and his next Far Cry 5, which now seems heavily focused on the co-operative thanks to the new co-op mode called “Friends Mercenaries”. And Destiny 2  does not seem to want to stay with her hands, thanks to the baptized expansion  “Osiris Curse” scheduled for next December 5 this year.



Nine pieces
Shortly afterwards, Sony swung the march with all the series of titles that the spectators waited with open arms: it goes from the “monstrous” Monster Hunter World , even more convincing from the point of view than seen at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 and now plus the exclusive presence of the skin dedicated to Aloy, protagonist of the well-known Horizo


n: Zero Dawn. Next, it is the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII to appear in the official trailer of the Carentan map, a well-known arena for those who follow the Activision shooter series for generations. Subsequently the scene is all about Onrush, a bizarre Codemasters racing that seems to combine Motorstom’s mechanics with those of the M


icro-Machines series, and finally leave the field to the new, exciting Spider-Man trailer , the next action-free game with free-roam


ing dedicated to ‘ friendly neighborhood spider developed by the Insomniac team. A video that showed at the Paris Games Week, really impressive and sustained narrative, able to immerse ourselves in the role of Spider Man like never before in a


title dedicated to him. If the game will remain on these standards until its release – still unknown – it has to wait for it with open arms. Other trailer striking hard and in the heart is that of Detroid: Become Human, the title of David Cage and Quantic Dream whose release is unfortunately still uncertain (only the light will be seen in the spring of next year). As the mystery still envelops, it is the release of the next chapter


of the God of War saga , shown in a trailer with a few seconds of unpublished gameplay with an eye to Atreus, Kratos’s son, not just a contiguous but realistic character his own co-star of the story.
Next, a hint at the next DLC d


edicated to Horizon: Zero Dawn ,  ‘The Frozen Wilds’ , in addition to the promising remake of Shadow of the Colossus developed by Bluepoint Games, already the authors of The Nathan Drake Collection. for one, great protagonist: we are of course talking about The Last of Us Part II, a sequel to the acclaimed title labeled Naughty Dog, now shown in a new video unpublished with really tame and violent tones. In the movie we were able to get acquainted with some new entries that will accompany Joel and Ellie in their new journey to hope. In short, a really exciting closing for a conference that definitely gave a real sense to 2018 PlayStation, the year Sony will release most of the titles shown at an hour. Hoping at least to have very early release dates to be red in the calendar.