The Tokyo Game Show’s novelties in What’s Up September 18-23

New weekend, new appointment with What’s Up on SpazioGames  to make a point on these days, especially hot for the Tokyo Game Show.Let’s explore together all the most interesting and most talked-about topics on our pages.


News of the week
I’m definitely not missing the news from the Tokyo Game Show: the most talked about was Final Fantasy IX landing  on PlayStation 4 , which happened at the same time as the announcement . If you want to relive the journey of Gidan and his teammates, then know that the game is now available on PlayStation Store, in the same HD release from some time out on Steam.

We’re on Final Fantasy  because there is also Comrades’s dedicated trailer , DLC, which will introduce multiplayer mode within the role-playing game.

The appointment is set for October 31st, with the expansion being part of the Season Pass, but it can also be purchased individually. Square Enix was also noted during the TGS for the announcement of Left Alive , the new survival action that boast many famous names and will be set in the universe of the Front Mission saga . After the reveal teaser, the game was also featured with an additional trailer, which showed us more closely the protagonists and the scenarios where we will have to fight. The appointment is set on PC and PS4 for next year, so do not miss our pages because we will keep you informed.

Konami was also heard with ZOE announcement : Anubis Mars , which takes the scenarios and atmospheres of the original episode to make it live this time through PlayStation VR. In this case, the appointment with PS4 is set for the spring of next year.

We also talk about Monster Hunter World , since Capcom finally announced its release date with a trailer just arrived from the TGS: the appointment with the game on PS4 is set for January 26th .
Also from the kermesse, comes the announcement of Dragon’s Crown Pro , that is, the PS4 rebuild of the title we’ve seen on PS3 and PS Vita. The news was shredded with a video, which you find in our news . One of the most anticipated ads was, of course, that of the release date of the Shadow of the Colossus remake : we still do not know exactly how long it will be on the shelves, but we know it will do it by 2018. Meanwhile, you can always enjoy the new trailer .

If you love Ken Warrior , we also point out the new Hokuto Ga Gotoku , already announced for Japan and waiting for a date for the release in Europe. While we wait to know when we can get our hands, we can enjoy a first video gameplay .

We remind you that for all the novelties from the Tokyo Game Show  you can consult our dedicated hub , which also includes the insights provided by our posters.

We change completely to talk about Nintendo Switch , which as revealed in the week conceals in its firmware a small easter egg : the console, on July 11, is able to recognize the iconic greeting of Satoru Iwata , if performed by holding in hand the Joy -Con, and then launches a golf game for NES made by the beloved Nintendo president. This is a really original and touching way to pay homage to a manager who, until the last day, always reiterated that he was first of all a videogame player.

About the Nintendo console, we remind you that the Layers of Fear Legacy has been announced weekly , which will also be released in retail edition . At the moment we did not know when it will debut, but we have the first trailer that shows us at work on the hybrid console.

The week was also hot for Ian Bell , CEO of Slightly Mad Studios and author of the Project CARS series : the developer might have missed the team’s work on a video game dedicated to the Fast and Furious series , but we’re still waiting of a further confirmation of the indiscretion he has launched. Meanwhile, Bell himself talked about his past with EA , leaning against the publisher with remarkable verbal violence .

According to the CEO of Slightly Mad, in fact, the company tried to frustrate its team and take it out of the engine at the time of work, then deleted Need for Speed: Shift 3. Bell then declares that he has no respect for EA, and we are waiting to find out whether Electronic Arts will want to tell her about the story, given the allegations.



If you are waiting for the new video game from Dontnod Entertainment, Life’s Strangeauthor team , we remind you that a week has come to the news of Vampyr ‘s postponement : the title expected by the end of this year has slipped in spring 2018 . The reason, the French team has made to know, is to identify itself in a technical inconvenience in which it stumbled, which slowed down the normal running chart. Now that the problem has been messed up, it is decided to release.

Meanwhile, no one is projected to the future of market analyst Michael Pachter , who already speaks of PS5: according to his estimates, Sony will surely produce the next generation console, but will not make it out at least before 2023 , that is, before a significant downturn in sales for PS4. According to the expert, in the future, when sales will slow down, Sony will make the PS4 Pro the standard model by cutting its price to lengthen the life cycle of PS4. Unfilled this strategy, it will go to the next generation. Of course, we are waiting to find out if this will be the case.

We also go back to a hot question last week, that is, the diatribe between PewDiePie streamer and Sean Vanaman, author of Firewatch . PewDiePie fans have decided to compete with the Steam reviews of the game, bombarding it with negative votes. For this reason, Valve has had to work to find a way to stem the problem : from a few days ago, all games reviewed by Steam users show a graph that lets you easily notice the progress of the votes. If there is an isolated period of negative votes, it will be easy to understand that it may have originated from a momentary inconvenience. Valve has, however, pointed out that for some players Vanaman’s positions could be important to deciding whether to buyFirewatch , which is why you do not intend to censure the PewDiePie fan reviews in any way.

Let’s close, pointing out that on September 28, we will have a new video dedicated to Red Dead Redemption 2 , as anticipated by Rockstar. Is it possible to expect details about the protagonists and the release date? We can not wait to find out!