The new Spider-Man with a new costume was shown after the Avengers Final

The author of the films Spider-Man: Away from Home and Avengers Finale showed a completely new Spider-Man in a new suit, which has not yet appeared on the big screen. New Spider-Man Costume Design Based on Comics Marvel, and recently featured in a popular video game.

According to, the artist Ryan Meinerding, who is part of the team of Marvel Studios artists involved in the joint development of the MCU movie universe, showed an alternative Spider-Man costume for the films Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Final, which was never used in these films. The new version of Spider-Man is based on the Iron Spider costume from the comics, and is a classic yellow and red Peter Parker costume that looks very similar to the familiar Iron Man armor design (Tony Stark). According to Maynerding himself, he really likes this Spider-Man costume design, and he dreams that one day the hero will receive a similar costume in Marvel films.

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Posted by Ryan Meinerding (@ryan_meinerding_art) Jan 1, 2023 @ 2:18 am PST

Interestingly, the Iron Spider costume has already appeared in the movie Avengers: Infinity War, but it looked completely different there. This classic version of the costume appeared in the popular Marvel’s Spider-Man game, released in 2018 only for PS4. The developers accurately recreated the recognizable costume from the comics, which Ryan Maynerding also noted in his publication. It is still unknown whether the authors plan to show this costume in the future film “Spider-Man 3” with Tom Holland (Tom Holland).

The film “Spider-Man 3” has already been officially announced, and will continue the plot of “Spider-Man: Away from Home”. It is expected that several villains will appear in the picture at once, such as Craven the Hunter and Scorpio. According to, the release of the movie “Spider-Man 3” is scheduled for 2023.