The Marvellous Miss Take

The Marvellous Miss Take comes to PC and Mac as a pleasant surprise, an interesting mix of elements belonging to different genres such as action , stealth or puzzles,

Tome: Inmortal Arena

all through atraditional point-and-click system and presented under an inspired artistic design in the modernist art of the 50s; an arcade titlethat could have debuted in the digital bazaars of Apple or Android but from Wonderstruck 

The Witcher Adventure

and Rising Star Gameshave been enhanced to appear first in compatible. Let’s learn more about such a curious, challenging and fun title in our analysis ; Sophia Take


must recover a magnificent collection of art looted and distributed among the most prestigious art galleries in London. We, as expert white-glove thieves, will not cease in our efforts to do justice to a development based on the game of cat and mouse. Ingenuity, patience and tons of fun!

The great virtual theft
Perhaps your argument is not the most complex or original of the year, but it serves as an excuse to show us a simple and affordable title  from the minute one


that acquires interest as we go overcoming the first levels. Already in situation, we take the role of an expert thief, Sophia, who embarks on an impossible mission: recover a valuable collection of art donated by a benefactor and that has been looted and distributed among the most famous collectors of the city of London.


From here, we will visit a good number of galleries and museums that will become the different levels of a structured adventure in the purest classic style;


so much so, that in order to continue moving forward we will have to fulfill certain objectives in the previous levels, giving rise to replayability and the need to get the highest score in each case.

The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot

The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot   The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot

Even as we move through the first levels, we will find two other partners, Henry and Daisy, each of them with their own skills that will be of great help in the repetition of levels, since we can take advantage of their advantages to complete secondary objectives.


They will help unlock new galleries and museums. Thus, Henry will not be as fast as Sophia but can use a gadget to make noise in order to mislead the guards as


many times as we want; For her part, Daisy will be the fastest of the three protagonistsand can steal keys to the guards to open safes. Beyond these considerations, the three characters share a good part of the skills as thieves with a common goal: to get hold of the most precious pieces.

But things will not be easy; at each level we will have to circumvent all kinds of obstacles, be they security guards or surveillance cameras, among many others. And the result can not be more fun. Thus, resorting to an isometric view, we will have before us a general overview of each level, that is, the different corridors, rooms, doors and windows of each art gallery, normally


divided into several floors. In this way, we can move the mouse cursor over the screen to detect the potential dangers to our fleeting presence, marked


mostly by a field of vision that will delimit the areas in which we can be detected. Thus, while we are out of reach we can move freely, always looking for the best hiding places and the routes of entry and exit that best suit each situation.

The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot

The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot   The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) screenshot

And is that the movements of the guards are totally unpredictable , moving away from any script and increasing the challenge considerably, making each theft an odyssey in which to go unnoticed; The good thing is that each attempt will be slightly different from the previous one.


To complete any level we have to complete two main objectives: collect all the pieces of the room and escape without being detected, moving slowly or sprinting according to the occasion, misleading our persecutors or going completely unnoticed.


Thus, the title gives us the possibility to face each situation as we wish, leaving the player enough room to adapt the gameplay to his style. As we said earlier, The Marvellous Miss Take collects elements of various genres; let’s see below how it responds at the control level.

With an interface totally adapted to the classic point-and-click system , Sophia and her colleagues will move with a lot of ease, resulting in an accessible system that will get complicated as we discover new objects and abilities. Thus, only our mouse


will be enough to take us in full control of the situation, although we can also opt for a system based on the keyboard, although the result is not so satisfactory.


To move our characters we just press with a simple click on the destination, and if we keep the click we can accelerate the pace, yes, if we run our steps will reveal our positiona few meters around us, which can cause one or several guards to be interested in such suspicious noise.