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Witcher 3 sales in the United States grew by 554% after the premiere of the series Netflix – review

Posted: February 14, 2020 at 4:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

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American research firm NPD Group announced that after the premiere of “The witcher»From Netflix, annual sales of books and video games around the universe have skyrocketed.

For example, sales of books by Andrzej Sapkowski in December 2019 increased by 562% compared with December 2018. It is noted that even after fairly popular video games in the United States, Sapkowski’s works remained fairly niche.

With Wild Hunt, the situation is somewhat different: role-playing was quite popular before, but after the series, annual retail sales grew by 554%. However, here the main merit is still on the version for the Nintendo Switch – without taking it into account, the indicator grew by only 63%.

Most likely, this is due to the peculiarity of calculating the data of the NPD Group: they take into account not the circulation, that is, the number of copies sold, but revenue. Since the game was on big discounts on other platforms, it brought much less money than the more expensive version for the Nintendo Switch.

Until December 2019, if you do not take into account avid book lovers and gamers, The Witcher was not very famous in the United States.

Now it is almost impossible to find a person who would not hear about him. The Witcher, a once-niche franchise, became widely known after the incredibly successful first season of the Netflix series.

NPD Group

NPD notes that The Witcher should set a new trend for cross-platform marketing, when a successful product in one media increases the popularity of franchises in other areas.

It is noted that in the United States in the first week of the pilot episode of the series “Beginning of the End” began to watch 19 million Netflix profiles (accommodate up to 4 family members), 75% of which watched at least 90% of the timing of the series. In the first month of the show, approximately 76 million families began.

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