The Little Acre is an adventure game developed by Pewter Games Studio with Charles Cecil and published by Curve Digital.It was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam

The Little Acre is notable for the fact that it credits you can find the name of Charles Cecil, for some reason, decided to become an executive producer, in general, ordinary, ordinary quest. “I am very interested to see how the players react to the modern genre-point’n’click adventure.

If good – I definitely think about going back to our old work. ” After passing The Little Acre this statement is perceived only as a joke.

Review of The Little Acre

The game does not go into any explanations: just a few shots – someone somewhere is running, oops, bang, wow, that at all .. But we’ve gotta get dressed quietly and carefully, not getting out of bed?. The Little Acre – typical guest drawn from the past, except that there’s little puzzles, and those that are, are often reduced to the task level “scare the cat, so he broke the pot, and in the ruins of his accidentally found the key to the next castle.”

Why is the story of the journey of a father and his little daughter in a parallel world so crumpled and unassuming? Because it only lasts for an hour. Well, one and a half. Scanty number of locations, a couple of NPC with the heel of the replica at all (no normal dialogue – exchanged a few words and move on), and a few of the same type of puzzles. Where is there to turn a talented screenwriter? So much so that even on a decent puzzles time enough …

Review of The Little Acre

In this case, the game could have saved a sense of humor and a pleasant picture. Part of The Little Acre really looks good – probably on our drawing and … uh … the other world (who received a revelation dull), the animation of different creatures developers have spent a lot more time and effort than to work through stories, characters and puzzles. Because only rare replica can be considered successful, and far-fetched tests defy the most “strange” scene from Quest 90.

And separately, we note the voiceovers: sometimes it is really annoying that little sentence for such a game. I really wanted to write was that The Little Acre is more like a demo, a trial episode, torn from the middle of some other games. But why produce a demo with the voice acting?

Review of The Little Acre

VerdiktThe Little Acre – quite nice, but boring and short quest that though it is difficult to recommend anyone. If the soul asks for a cool-point’n’click adventure, it is best to refer to the time-tested classics.

The hand-drawn visuals and endearing cast of characters makes for a short, nostalgic play that I could easily see appealing to parents or young children just starting to explore video games. And while I would’ve loved to see more of the world that Aidan and Lily inhabit, on its own, The Little Acre is an enjoyable game that ultimately still functions as a shorter experience.

And that is the biggest problem with The Little Acre. Not the gameplay, or the visual design, or the excellent voice work, but the length of the experience. At a run time of maybe three hours, The Little Acre feels like it has a much broader story to tell and much larger worlds to explore. Very little time is spent exploring either vistas which feels like a lost opportunity.

There’s a very small cast of characters that could be widened by a significant margin and the game only starts to draw you in when it starts wrapping up.

The Little Acre Top Screen

The Little Acre is a loveable game, with beautiful visuals and strong character and voice acting. It should be on the radar for anyone that enjoys classic point-and-click adventure games in the vein of King’s Quest or the more recent Broken Age, but should also come with the warning that this is more of a short story ripe with potential for further storytelling.