The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Wild nature also breathes from the paddone
The first point we want to focus on is to assure all Wii U owners that the Breath of the Wild’s gaming experience is practically the same on both consoles.


There have been no cuts in features or content, so whatever the version of the game on which your purchase is made, you may enjoy the same gambling experience. This does not mean, however, that the two products are exactly the same as there are differences, mainly on a technical level.

If we wanted to remove the most annoying pebbles from the shoes, we found some deterioration in the game’s performance compared to the new hybrid console.


The most obvious is the drop in the framerate, in some cases even rather abrupt, during the most chaotic phases, such as when we fought against a discrete stake of enemies at one and the same time, both during the scouts for the woods, looking at the title go to clicks while we shot the camera perched on the tallest branches. The second most important but far less serious defect is the aliasing that we must admit is quite accentuated, a symptom of a lesser resolution of the native image.

These are the most obvious aspects that could nose the nose of most video game players, considering also the qualitative standards that Nintendo has always used to , which has often given up on something in the graphics industry to ensure a smooth gameplay. The “problem” of this Zelda is that a lot of the gameplay impacts on the gaming engine and then on the framerate, limited to 30 and – as we have already said – not anchored to that threshold.

The reversal of the medal is that we find ourselves in front of a product with very well-groomed mechanics in every detail, where the physical engine allows incredible, consistent and functional things within the gaming world, with no blur exactly like on Switch.
We do not know if it was possible to do better in terms of optimization, so we do not hear Nintendo but rather acknowledge the merit of having the courage not to abandon Wii U and all its buyers by presenting a product that has anyway of the exceptional, especially if you think of the hardware structure on which it runs. Unfortunately, you may not be able to confirm the usual known issues related to the failure of the latter, such as the time to download and install the upgrade patch or some disservice a bit ‘

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Saving princess Zelda always has its charm

From the very first moment you wake up in Link’s way, you will begin to discover Hyrule immersing it 360 ° in it: among the woods, streams, snowy peaks and deeper dungeons. The graphic style remains delicious even with these small smudges, saturated colors and loads will accompany you pleasantly throughout the adventure along with the wonderful soundtrack.
As you probably have already understood by reading the reference review ,

the details are well-groomed in every single aspect to make The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildan authentic masterpiece. It can not be the, however limited, technical failure to deplete the absolute value of the game, such as a bit of slowdowns, some missing particle effects, or a few extra seconds in loads. The details that count and passion have been absolutely preserved: we think of interaction with environments and objects, the ability to collect consumables, cook or cook together, climb everywhere a
nd swim, survival phases in relation to climate, or even simply using Amiibo. Whether you have a paddle or brand new device in your hands, your experience will be absolutely and equally satisfying. If we really wanted to move a critique into the big N, it seemed a bit sad to see so little exploited the Wii U’s gimmick. The only function of the paddle will be that you can decide with a q
uick touch on the screen if you watch the game from there or from the TV, but do not exist other dedicated options, it was just simply fixing the map topography to look at the fly simply lowering the look. Instead, feedback is good with motion sensors, especially when it comes to targeting the arc, but for those who do not like it, you can always choose to disable it from the options.