The Franz Kafka Videogame

Country doctor

It is understandable why Denis Galanin has decided to make a game on such a delicate material. In Hamlet, or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement , he has already demonstrated his love for the absurd: there Prince of Denmark saves Ophelia by Claudia playing electric guitar, kills Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with a huge octopus, dodging grenades Polonia and wakes of a grandfather, that he caught the bait of a penguin.

But it was pure parody, comedy, moreover, almost a “casual” – a project published a well-known company in this field Alawar Entertainment’s , so the Hamlet was a lot of simple mini-games. A turn Kafka into a circus with horses – it is something completely through the floor. thereforeThe Franz Kafka Videogamelooks different.

Dr. K. superficially similar to Frantsa Kafku.

Of course, neither of which serious elaboration of “Kafkaesque” theme speech is not – it now would be able, perhaps, only “ice picks” from Ice-Pick Lodge , authors of “More. Utopia “ .

The author uses the works of Kafka as an excuse, limited mainly to purely external, superficial references to famous works.

The protagonist, Dr. K., who lives in Bohemia sample 1924 year, is engaged in psychoanalysis, hypnosis treats patients, and then a man in a suit tells him to go to America, in the corporation “The Castle”, and teleports him to train, where K. met erectus duck, fireman, and exclaimed: “Well, finally, at least one sane person!”

The train pulls into the belly of a huge ship, which is on a large balloon flies to America, where Dr. K. until old age trying to get to the corporation “Castle.” Meanwhile in Bohemia Detective Gregor Samsa, waking up after nightmare, he discovers that turned into an insect. Just at this moment it comes Dr. K. girl and asked to find a missing …


By becoming such a plot and puzzles, of which, in fact, consists of The Franz Kafka the Videogame . The principle is the same as in Hamlet : one act, one screen, one puzzle.

Somewhere, like in the last game Galanin , used purely “samorostovskaya” mechanics: we simply click on the various subjects on the screen or drag them to something happened.

At one point, for example, you need to break a large egg, from which will come out and will carry an eagle in the clouds cow waylaid locomotive.

On the carpet-ship past the rainbow I’m flying, crawling and you …

Somewhere there are funny parody of the simulator like the board game or a fighting game. But more often we solve enough puzzles of varying degrees of abstract absurdity.

Especially a lot of brainteasers to care and associative thinking. For example, we should see in the cluster patterns lurid some numbers in the right sequence to activate them or to place objects on the scene so that when the light turned off, the huge silhouette of a rabbit. Or write the word on the contrary, by submitting that it is reflected in the mirror.

With rare exception, clear logic in this puzzle, as in most of the texts Frantsa Kafki, very little. Wanted the writer to the protagonist turned into a disgusting insect – and that’s it. And in the game: I want to letter G denotes a number 9, and that’s it, I guess yourself!

Thank God, do puzzles get really non-trivial (even the notorious “tag” feature interesting!), And they can always use a hint – they do not open immediately, but after a while, leaving the player the chance to decide something for yourself.

However, where the usual logic does not apply to the aid, of course, comes the absurd logic. To win the battle, you simply move the indicator of health of the enemy to the ground – turned ironic