The four of the Ave Maria: the review by Ghost Recon Wildlands

Someone must stop him, and to succeed where the rebel troops can not get here the Ghosts: a unit made up of only four men, real quick and lethal ghosts, that represent the best that the American army can express. Sent to the site following the discovery of the corpse of Ricardo Sandoval, an undercover DEA agent, the group immediately puts


Operation Kingslayer in action: a series of missions aimed at destabilizing Santa Blanca, identifying its leaders and eliminating them. one, until you get to El Sueño. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands welcomes us like this, witha traditional storyline that can count on the undoubted atmosphere created by the voice of Luca Ward, which gives character and depth to the main nemesis, in many ways close to the Kingpin of the television series “Daredevil”. A


historic collaboration, that between the Roman actor and Ubisoft, which is renewed by reoccurring a question of burning topicality, if it is true that on the one hand there are those who choose not to invest in Italian dubbing for their flagship titles, in spite of their own history , and who instead, like the French house, does not give up this aspect of production.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands marks an excellent debut for the series in the open world genre


For his debut in the open world, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon bets on the biggest ever map for an Ubisoft game , created through a meticulous documentation of Bolivian geography and a reproduction in many ways accurate of the country, divided into twenty-one regions controlled by as many officers .


During the campaign we will be free to move and explore the scenery, as well as to try our hand at the missions we want, but aware of a growing degree of difficulty that is there to suggest a certain type of journey.

The four of the Ave Maria: the review by Ghost Recon Wildlands
The four of the Ave Maria: the review by Ghost Recon Wildlands

As great as the freedom of action that is provided in the game, in fact, we will inevitably defeat all the miniboss that revolve around four commanders of the Santa Blanca to be able to identify the position on the map, and only once deleted the twenty-five officers we can face El Sueño.



This results in a particularly rich structure, consisting of a hundred main missions and a large number of secondary missions, which must be completed both to acquire further information on the cartel, and to unlock extra skills and support from rebel troops. But what really matters is the nature of the missions,


which in most cases revolve around the attack of an enemy garrison, but also and above all the variety of approaches and settings that the game can offer: we will be able to drive any car, motorbike, van, truck, helicopter or plane that we will find, using the GPS to mark the destinations (although the track on mini map is not always visibilissimo and create some headache: we hope it is made more readable with the next updates) or,


better, breaking for the fields where possible in order to save a good bit ‘of road. The distances, as it is easy to imagine, are in fact quite large and take them away a lot of time (luckily you can use the rapid movements to the bases already discovered), with flying vehicles that from this point of view do not facilitate much things, proving to be inexplicably slow and therefore having the unique concrete advantage of providing a straight trajectory, as the crow flies, towards the goal. All this to say that


in the (little) time that has been granted to us by the publisher for the review we have reached 33% completion of the game, completing thirty-five main missions and twenty secondary missions, in addition to venturing for a few hours with cooperative multiplayer online. 


So let’s talk about a product that requires a hundred hours to be eviscerated, the evaluation of which will be modified if, in the coming days, critical issues or merits emerge that would justify a correction.