The Flame In The Flood

«The next game is about survival” – it’s definitely not about of The the Flame in the Flood . First, it made the people who used to be with Ken Levine (Ken Levine) worked on a series of BioShock , which is, you know, it is a guarantee of eccentricity.

Secondly, it is actually a music game – in the sense that the music is playing a huge role in creating the overall atmosphere and mood. And recorded it specially for of The the Flame in the Flood (and similarly named his album) is one of today’s most popular folk musicians Chuck Ragan (Chuck Ragan). Finally, it is not just about survival a typical resource gathering, hunting and famine – it is also a survival simulator on a raft.

The name of the studio The Molasses Flood refers to a famous incident when, in 1919, the so-called caramel happened flooding in Boston – at a local food plant burst tank, and 8700 cubic meters of black molasses, snesya with train tracks, flooded streets.

A team Chaka Ragana called Hot Water Music. In general, you understand why the game and these people have turned out about water and about the flood …

My little raft

We do not know why, but then America is rapidly flooded river. Cities washed away, but the islands of the former splendor remained on the surface, where you can find resources for food and where lots and lots of wild birds, wolves, boars and bears. Between these islands all the way and move our heroine, fragile girl nicknamed Scout, close to where all the time is her best friend while walking, or rather, running and barking, inventory – a dog of Aesop nickname.

They move on a raft, and at first the main difficulty here is not to provide the girl sleep, food and drink, and elementary swim to any island, where you can disembark. The river carries inexorably forward, periodically accelerated and delays in streams along the way constantly meet some obstacles – the skeletons of cars, logs sticking stones and so on. Yes, and management of, to put it mildly, peculiar.

To cope with it – the main guarantee of survival of The the Flame in the Flood . If it does not – you will constantly overshoot the desired island, split, sink and mother. The lion’s share of claims to the game for those who put it not the most, shall we say, good grades, it is connected with the management of water.

Lady with a dog

If, however, to cope with a raft and not throw in the hearts of the game, then you will discover a surprisingly atmospheric and unusual “survayvl”.

Everything seems here as everywhere else. You have already understood that our Scout must periodically eat, sleep and drink.

Furthermore, it can get wet in the rain and freeze (monitored body temperature), to pick up any sore, if not eat or drink dirty water. It will weaken from bleeding and limping on both legs, if the aforementioned wolves, wild boars and bears will cause her injury. And to protect themselves from the beasts in the early stages and there is nothing – you have to just run away.

Flame in the Flood game review

Each island has its own “specialty” – somewhere you can get hold of drugs, somewhere there is always fire, but somewhere – Station “upgrade” of the raft.

So the first thing we line the pockets of all in a row – with some root vegetables, dandelions, banks, rags, and other nuts. And that does not fit, suom bag Aesop. Or we move on to the raft. Then from that you need something to tinkering and cooking.

Scout has to sit by the fire (or dilute it myself) to keep warm, cook seagulls medical or sleep. It is also allowed to spend the night in any trailer or an abandoned building, suitable for this purpose.

Gradually we learn new recipes and drawings, allowing make a torch, hunting bow, hammer, flint, trapped in the same hares, wild boars and wolves, produce penicillin for the treatment of ailments, bus or bandage, advanced pouch to store items and so on. Also, you need every possible way to improve the raft, looking for new drawings and repair materials for him.

In the story campaign, you need to consistently overcome the ten regions (approximately one month), in the endless mode, of course, have to survive as long as possible.

Devil in the details

Everything, again, familiar. But there is in The Flame in the Flood its charm. First, there’s a lot of interesting details that make up the unique handwriting of the game.

Above the girl constantly circling and cawing crows bored, but it can get rid of them with a stick. Aesop warned against barking, or that he has found something interesting. And after the death of all that you have time to move into his bag, and will be available at the start of a new passage.