The first frames of the new “Batman” officially showed

The upcoming new movie adaptation of the Batman comics with Robert Pattinson in the title role appeared on the network with the first frames.

The director of the new Batman movie, Matt Reeves, posted the first shot from the set on his Twitter account, reports. He photographed a clapper board (numbering) with the name of the film and some other working information. The clapperboard lies on a leather armchair or sofa, so fans could not find out any details about the plot or characters. Matt Reeves showed comic book fans this post DCthat finally started shooting the movie “Batman” in which Robert Pattinson will become the Dark Knight.

Since there is no particularly interesting information in the photo from the shooting of “Batman” by Matt Reeves, fans began to study the name of the movie written on the clapperboard, reports. They drew attention to the font. It resembles a classic version from comics, but with no big differences and the use of the gradient. Batman fans have not yet been able to come up with an explanation for this approach to the logo.

Work on the movie “Batman” began back in 2014. Ben Affleck was supposed to be a screenwriter, director and lead actor. Gradually, the actor abandoned the director’s chair and the role itself. Instead, they decided to make Batman Robert Pattinson, famous for the vampire saga “Twilight”, and the director was Matt Reeves. There will be three villains in the film: Catwoman is played by Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano will play the Mystery, and Colin Farrell will play the Penguin.