The End is Nigh

Obviously, because their videogames tend to have an amazing level of challenge , one that to the most veterans takes us back to the past and that allows young people to savor the honeys of what was the real challenge of interactive entertainment in the eighties.


 Although also, and this is more important, because their works are extraordinary releases. If we abstract from paraphilias nobody likes to suffer, however what McMillen and Tyler Glaiel have achieved again is that there is a healthy motive to do so, and that is that The End is Nigh It’s fun and it rewards all those minutes of having fun.


It is something that the works of this creative have repeated since he started his career at the beginning of the century, when his uncontrollable torrent of imagina

tion was projected cascades Flash launches. Then came the well-known Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac ; and now, with the intention of repeating his successes, we find The End is Nigh , which reiterates its strengths.


What does that mean? Yes, as you liked the title of Team Meat, here you will find a great “more of the same”, but well understood. That phrase, which is abused when speaking of certain sagas accustomed to the exploitation of their concepts, I find th


at it has a lot of value here. It reinvents the concept of that without being, actually a continuation of the already legendary piece of meat. If I made a carnivorous analogy I could say that it’s like the difference between the tenderloin and the sirloin of a veal, both come from the same place and have many common elements … But they know very differently.



Welcome to the end of the world

The concept of The End is Nigh is simple and, at the same time, as bizarre as one might expect from a work by McMillen. Here we are Ash , one of the few survivors of an apocalypse that has left the planet turned into a real ruin. Ash is isolated

and demoralized: he does not leave home, suffers from constant paranoia and is beginning to lose his mind. In his absurd plan to fight against the loneliness that invades him, he devises a plan worthy of an 8-year-old boy or of Doctor Frankenstein,
making himself a friend by collecting small pieces of floating meat . For this purpose, it is finally encouraged to leave their refuge and travel through the different worlds that make up the videogame and that offer
two aspects when it comes to overcoming them. We can finish the campaignwithout complicating the life and limiting us to surpass all the levels, or we can fulfill the dream of Ash to have a companion of fatigues and to compile the tumors (yes, yes … tumors) that dot the decorations and that will allow us to compose it.


The End is Nigh analysis

The End is Nigh is full of mini-games, extra levels and winks. A jewel for collectors.

This works in a very intelligent way when it is the player who decides the difficulty. Do you think that overcoming each chapter is enough of a challenge in itself? Forget about collectibles and just get from point A to B making your life as simple as poss


ible. In some cases it will be enough challenge. Do you want a challenge to match? Try to catch all the objects, since they suppose the maximum level of demand for the user. I recommend patience, yes, because getting them all is a titanic task.


The End is Nigh

In a first pass I have never felt that I am doing the same

The good thing is that it renounces the scroll style that abounds in the genre of platforms, and that Super Meat Boy was, although very nuanced. In The End is Nigh each screen is a chapter, and we can only give it for completion when we go out the othe

r end having raffled their obstacles and collected (or not) the collectible that is in each of them. There are some that are exceeded in five seconds, and there are some that will take us a little more time if we want to squeeze them to the maximum. Thus the us
er can create strategies, and the game in general is considered as a platform title but also as a puzzle. How do I get to the end of each chapter? First question to ask, the second is a bit more convoluted … How do I get that little tumor that floats around waiting for someone to pick it up? With these two unknowns of,
sometimes difficult resolution, we contemplate the entire level on our screen and begin to devise a plan that allows us to achieve a goal or, if we are ambitious, both. That part is a delight. In the first levels is done instinctively and without considering practi
cally nothing, we are in fractions of a second we have resolved. As things get complicated, it becomes more and more necessary, and the last segments of each zone reach such degrees of complexity that they not only require a millimeter execution but also a thoughtful strategy.


This brings out our tactical side. What do we want to achieve and how do we want to do it? Collect all the unlockables is a challen


ge that will not be up to everyone, and I’ll ahead, but I can also say that the reward is worth it. I will not go into details and, in fact, in the comment Gameplay that accompanies the analysis I have deliberately avoided taking many of them, both in order not to show how it is done in some of the convoluted situations that arise, and not to teach the rewards


. However, there are, and work perfectly when it comes to prolonging even more the life of the game. It does not cost much more than two hours to finish all the stages of The End is Nigh if our idea is not to complicate our lives, but if we intend to obtain all the items and enjoy all the “things” that are unlocked with them we can easily quintuple the duration of the program.