The Elder Scrolls 6 reveals a new villain

In the expected game The Elder Scrolls VI from company Bethesda Softworks revealed a new terrible villain, who turned out to be much better and more interesting than the main antagonists in past games Oblivion and Skyrim. In this case, the main character can even take the side of the villain in TES 6.

Game fans The elder scrolls 6 discussed a possible main antagonist in a future expected project, reports. Many players admitted that villains in past games in the series, such as Skyrim’s Alduin (Alduin), lack motivation and refinement, and look just like the bad guys who want to destroy everything and plunge Tamriel into chaos. Many players are tired of such cliches, and therefore want the main villain in The Elder Scrolls VI to be very different from this image, moreover, many dream that during the passage of TES VI it would be possible to join the antagonist and take the wrong side. As interesting images from The Elder Scrolls franchise, fans remembered Dagoth Ur from Morrowind, who turned out to be much more successful than the villains Bethesda did after that.

So, the players remembered that Dagot Ur had more elaborate and personal motivation for the things that he did in Morrowind. Dagot Ur is also a villain to talk to, and he patiently answers many questions, explaining his actions, which players also like. Moreover, the ambiguity of Dagoth Ur and his actions made the players think about what was happening, and many even wanted to join the villain. At the same time, the villains in most games immediately attack the player and want only his death. Finally, unlike Alduin, Dagoth Ur looks unusual and mysterious, which caused the players to want to know more about him, and not to destroy it right away.

Fans of TES 6 believe that these are the qualities that a new villain should have in a future game, and they hope that Bethesda can create a convincing and ambiguous image. So, some even believe that in The Elder Scrolls VI it may be possible to take the side of the antagonist, and the game will have a lot of non-linearity, allowing you to win back the transition to the side of evil. Fans do not want to save the world again from the terrible and definitely bad character in TES VI, but instead they want to get a deep and complex conflict that can be influenced by their decisions.

The Elder Scrolls 6 players will not receive soon, because it is still unknown at what stage the development of the project is. Bethesda developers have not yet shown even the first gameplay of their next Starfield game, due out before TES VI.