Through thorns to the stars 

Stellaris makes it clear that she did not like the others, from the very beginning. Great music, the best way to convey the spirit of space research, and atmospheric art devoted to landscapes of distant planets, waiting for the player is already in the main menu.

Immediately recall “Space Rangers” , the success of which was made possible largely thanks to the excellent work of the artist and composer.

Unlike most 4X, offering enough fresh gameplay throughout relying on numbers, graphs and tables, the Stellaris does not forget about the mood and style.

As usual, a new game begins with the selection of his empire and the galaxy setup, where the coming battle for supremacy in the universe will occur.

civilization Designer – Details: You can choose the race of the six main types (there is even a reasonable fungi), its appearance, biological features, ethics and, finally, the form of government.

Want to make an empire hideous reptiles, xenophobes, above all, putting the military, – easily. Nice little chanterelles-monarchists, friendly to other forms of life and worshiping the ancient god – no problem.

There is preferably selected to populate the view planets, the main arms and one of three possible types of interstellar flights.

All of these features are necessary not just – each of them has a direct impact on gameplay. For example, when the military dictatorship increase the possibility of fleet limit and reduce the cost of maintaining the ships, and peace ethics gives a penalty to damage the army, but raises food growth. This is not all the possible effects – will leave on a full description of a separate article combinations.

The choice of starting characteristics is very important, and you must do it on the basis of the intended play style. Do not forget, however, about the role-based wagering – in many policies from a Paradox , and it will be a place here.

When its empire finally established, select the number of future brothers on reason and the size of the galaxy, it’s time to go into the unknown.

Stellaris game review

“Russell’s Teapot”. Developers are able to make jokes, but are not going to roll in constant banter – humor in the game in moderation.

Secrets of the galaxy

Again a striking contrast Stellaris other games if there is habitual wild “rush” right from the start – as far as possible to send reconnaissance ships, how to start an active expansion quickly as possible – here everything is much quieter and much more interesting.

Research ship in orbit, you can explore the native system, and then the neighboring stars. Until the object is investigated, with him not to do anything – to build a mining or research stations can only where scientists have already visited.

The study is not limited to the commonplace scan anything and everything within reach – comes in a unique event mechanics, one of the best finds of the game.

For example, after a survey of the planet, you may receive a message that the researchers have found in it a mysterious artifact.

It is possible to study, get a variety of bonuses, but if it fails there is a risk of losing the ship. And it’s not limited to a single choice – only events for a great number of researchers, with many of them represent a chain branching scenarios with regard to lead times to the most unexpected results.

Moreover, the same starting configuration of the empire, too, can influence the outcome.

Scientists, as well as governors and admirals, by the way, individuals with the features of character such as “perks” of characters from Crusader Kings II. In addition to controlling the scientific ship, they can participate in the research laboratories, promoting the science of the empire, and to stand for election.