The bipolar review of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

There is no plot or narrative context of any kind that justifies gameplay, there are no different zombies or entities with which players have to fight if not among themselves, there is no crafting nor a system of rarity of the objects, only ArmA II’s gunplay , simulative and unattractive . The game begins in a giant plane, from which players must parachute at any time to land on the island, and from there begin the struggle for survival. They all start at equal arms and, from the first game, there is little to learn and the player is captured right away.

PUBGit works just in such moments, that is, when important decisions are to be made in a short time. You could throw yourself into an area with lots of homes, where you can surely find interesting weapons and equipment, with the awareness that many others might have had the same idea, and then struggling with other players from the very first few days of play. On the contrary, one could prefer a more isolated map area with fewer houses and fewer opportunities to equip itself with duty, but hoping to stay calm for a while. In all this, there is the Damocle sword represented by the dome, another brilliant intuition of the development team.

Sooner or later, PUBG’s map shrinks over time to force players to sack for a holy reason.Players have the opportunity to see which area will be safe from time to time, and occasionally a dome will narrow the playing area to push challengers to move. The portion of the map is not physically deleted, but anyone who finds himself out of the dome receives continuous damage that, after wave, becomes exponentially more debilitating. Also, within the same safe area, from time to time the aircraft bombs a small portion of the map, so as to motivate the players not to camp too much.

In the meantime, you must plunder your surroundings as already mentioned. Obviously weapons between guns, all types of rifles and crossbows, as well as tactical equipment such as backpacks, grenades, bandages, first aid kits and bulletproof garments are important. Looting can also happen by some airplanes that randomly place useful objects on the map. It is very important therefore, as a source of joy and delusions, to find a glove for the shotgun that will allow a shot from the distance in extreme safety.

The map, in fact, is more generous than the size, and between an inhabited nucleus and the other is forced to move (even with various vehicles, including small motorboats) between the most complete nullity. This moment of the game-type of PUBGIt is, at the same time, the moment when many understand whether they love or hate this production. 

The fact is this: most of the times the matches end up in a bit, killed by the distance from someone stuck without being able to do anything. This is not always the case, but the odds are very high. The idea is to move in guerrillas, between a hiding place and the other, always assessing the situation and scrutinizing the horizon. On the other hand, however, there might be someone in a window with a 8x optical shotgun to blur.

In these moments you hide the beautiful, and the ugly, of PUBG , that mixture of frustration and excitement that will bring you to play another game or uninstall forever the game and ask for a refund. PUBGIt’s frustrating, in fact, as every title that does not grant anything to the player and depicts the success or defeat almost entirely of the ability of the player. 

Playing alone will not last long on your hard drive, but fortunately you can also face the fight in the team with all the differences in terms of engagement that result. And, among us, this is the only way PUBG can bear the opinion of the writer. Early Shopping The History of PUBG