The distribution of Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia started in the Epic Games Store, the next free game became known

April 16th Epic Games Store distribution began Just cause 4 and Wheat of aurelia. The first is an open-world action movie developed by the studio. Avalanche. The fourth part continues the story of an independent agent, Rico Rodriguez, who landed in the island state of Solis to find out the truth about his past at all costs.

The second project will send players on an exciting journey along the sandy coast of western Italy in the 1970s. In the role of the brave and hot-tempered girl Lell, users will enjoy the views and sounds of the most violent time in the history of the country.

Both games will be available until April 23. At 18:00 Moscow time, the current distribution will change and users of the Epic Games Store will have access to the turn-based strategy For the King.

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