The Days Long Gone – Gambling

Polish studio 11 bit announced a new stage in its publishing activities. Under her brand, new, not yet announced studio games will be released. Digital sun and Fool’s Theory.

Both games are at various stages of development and so far are known only by conditional names: Project foxhole and Project vitriol. But, as reported by 11 bit, both are more ambitious than everything that the studio published before. It is planned to invest more than one million euros in each of the projects.

Earlier, 11 bit already published a Digital Sun project called Moonlighter. The release of the role-playing action movie with elements of the bagel was successful, the game received very positive reviews. Recall that in it we have the role of the owner of a shop for adventurers, who is not averse sometimes to leave the counter and clean out a couple of dungeons with his own hands.
Polish studio Fool’s Theory is known for stealth action movie Seven: The Days Long Gone. The game was neither a masterpiece nor a sensation, but managed to find fans. This year the developers released Seven: Enhanced Edition, enhanced edition with addition Drowned past and a number of fixes. [/ embed]