The Last Tinker: City of Colors

The indie territory dares with any project to this day. The years have shown that great ideas can be accommodated in more limited budget developments. It is simply about exploiting the resources that are available to the maximum and giving free rein to the imagination. One of the last projects that go out of the line marked by the big companies and their huge productions is


The Last Tinker: City of Colors. Created by Mimimi Productions, is already available on Steam and is expected soon on Xbox One. The ambitious idea that presents us is the following: recover the great platform games of the second half of the nineties that were born after the Super Mario boom 64 . Almost nothing.

Jak and Daxter or Banjo Kazooie are two of the names that are cited in the description of The Last Tinker, and the truth is that at a visual level it has certain similarities with the Rare platforms, with a world full of colors, a character that He is jumping everywhere and a nice companion by his side. In moments like the current one, where only Nintendo keeps the pulse of the three-dimensional


platforms (the Galaxy, the recent 3D World) as it used to be, it is always good news to see that it is decided to recover a formula in which the game overrides everything and the challenge is in each of the movements we make. Any jump has its substance. That was Banjo Kazooie and his sequel, and that’s not The Last Tinker: City of Colors.

The Last Tinker (OSX) screenshot

   The Last Tinker (OSX) IllustrationThe Last Tinker (OSX) IllustrationThe Last Tinker (OSX) Illustration

Personally I took with some enthusiasm the task of analyzing this game of Mimimi Productions . Enjoy a game that aims to show a similar mechanics to what we saw in the golden age of Nintendo 64 always fancy, but the disappointment at the time of advancing in the title is inevitable in how much comparisons are concerned. More, actually, by the


expectations generated than by what the game offers at stake. And is that this game of adventures and platforms is far from being a classic of the three-dimensional jumps. Rather, it is, unfortunately, a way of doing games of yesteryear nowadays. Fully automatic jumps, almost no alternatives, flat puzzles. Goal markers where we have to go. Predictable in many moments.

The gray invades the colors
Tinkerworld is a cheerful and colorful site. Built with paper and glue, the city is divided into three districts: red, blue and green. Each one is run by a spirit of that same color, but the tension between the inhabitants of this world is growing. Before things went well and everyone lived in peace, but the quarrels between colors have begun to exceed the limits of the permissible.


This is where Koru comes in, the last Tinker that exists. The protagonist of the adventure meets one night a supposed spirit that wants to solve the problems of Tinkerworld. Deceived by the good faith of this appearance, Tinker will help you …


that monochrome destroys everything Tinkwerworld. The gray invades the world in which he lived, and with the help of the elemental spirits will have to fix all the problem that has caused this enemy camouflaged friendly character.