The creators of “Invasion” are preparing a remake of “Guests from the Future”

The authors “Attraction“And”Intrusions“Already doing a remake of the Soviet series”Guest from the future“. This was told by one of the producers of the picture Mikhail Vrubel. In an interview with, he said that the team “is very wary of remakes.”

“Naturally, remakes of Soviet classics, for example, Ryazanov, should in no case be. It seems to me that you can’t take this path at all. Because the genius and still preserved in the minds of a very large number of viewers cannot be done better, even if you take today’s brilliant director. And since, as a rule, ordinary directors are taken on such projects, this in general is completely absurd. ”

At the same time, one can breathe new life into “fiction, which technically was not possible at that time to tell at the proper level”.

“When reviewing“ A Guest from the Future ”today, you understand how naive everything looks. But the picture, for a minute, came out at the same time as Star Wars. ”

The creators of the fantastic dilogy of Fyodor Bondarchuk are going to combine modern special effects with good memories of the past.

“Now,” says Vrubel. “There is technology, and it can be an amazing combination of our memories of this movie and what we can technologically give the viewer today.”

The film “Invasion” has become one of the most anticipated in Russia. The picture earned at the box office 716 million rubles, which is almost twice the budget of the film.

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