The creators of Crimson Desert explained the postponement of the game by the failure of Cyberpunk 2077

South Korean studio Pearl abyss in the quarterly report, I spoke in more detail about the recent transfer Crimson Desert For undefined period. It played a role in this Cyberpunk 2077

Sacrificing quality to meet deadlines, as they did with Cyberpunk 2077, is not in line with Pearl Abyss’s philosophy. We are working hard on Crimson Desert to achieve quality standards and depth for AAA games.“.

Crimson Desert was originally a prequel MMORPG Black desert, however, over time, the game became independent – the developers do not even position it as an MMORPG, preferring a role-playing adventure game with network elements.

Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December last year, but on the release it became clear that the developers deceived the players – the game did not work well on consoles, and many of the promised features, including role-playing, remained just words – 96% of the dialogues do not affect the development of the plot.

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