The Coma: Recut

Student fatigue
The Coma: Recut is the remastered version of The Coma: Cutting Class , released a couple of years ago on PC. The usefulness of this operation, in spite of the apparent reluctance to revive, is unknown; on the other hand, we are still talking about a two-dimensional horizontal horizontal survival that did not require any additional work of cosmetics.
The additions, compared to the first version, relate to the rebalancing of gameplay, high-definition movies and a new gaming machine dedicated to concealment; for the rest, there is absolutely nothing new to expect from this re-release, unless you are suffering from achievements / trophies: in that case, you might find reasons to bring it back to the title of Devespresso Games.
In The Coma: Recut will follow Youngho’s story, a student ready for his final exam that falls asleep during a normal normal day in the classroom and, once awakened, finds himself in a dark and terrible version of the institute. Without even realizing it is suddenly in danger, forced to face entities that seem to come from another world.
In short, The Coma: Recut seems to be (and all in all) a stack of assorted cliches, even if the beginning let’s actually see something interesting about some subtleties, such as suicide or criticism towards the excessive pressure that the country’s students have. 
The problem is that over the course of about three or four hours of play, the few narrative elements that could give that quid more and elevate the work beyond the mediocrity, lose to be mourned too soon and are even set aside. After a couple of hours, ultimately, you will find yourself in a very predictable game with phoned strokes, and you can also have an overly basic interaction with stereotyped characters and attend elemental and little-talk dialogues.
The Coma: Recut
Escape for life
Not even from the gambling structure come news glad, because even pad to the hand, The Coma: Recut can not be neither interesting nor unattractive.
Consider that the entire gameplay is run by a series of quests that we could define as secondary. Although there is a mainstream to follow, your tasks will always be the same: find the object that opens the door, cross a corridor, escaping from the killer who is following you, if necessary go back to undergo that backtracking that in Asian horrors never misses, and repeat everything until you get to the queue titles. Not much or the best of entertainment, it must be admitted.
Another problem is represented by those who follow you, from whom you basically should be frightened or at least put in awe, but that – in fact, just like in White Dayand dozens of other similar titles – after a couple of appearances it turns out to be more a nuisance than a real tense of tension. 
If you are short of health, also in The Coma: Recutit is possible to go to the machines and recover the healing objects; if you are short at the time of need, the only solution will be hiding in the dark or hanging inside the cabinets until the situation returns to “normality.” Not to mention it, you also have to use the torch sparingly, and when the situation is quieter, otherwise you will risk attracting attention and, in the worst case scenario, die in a forgotten hall.
In addition to looking for clues to reveal the mystery and adapting to a congenital repetition that will be made straight away, despite the limited duration of the adventure, there is really nothing else to do in The Coma: Recut , remastered that we struggle to advise even who had lost the original work.