The Collider 2

The history of the million-dollar

name of the game, obviously chosen to preserve the proud inheritance, but no more: no collider is no more, to replace him came a huge alien ship, which bombards the Earth from orbit. And you, proud superistrebitelya pilot must fly into his gut and do some very important things.

Subject campaign offers six different zones with increasing difficulty and the same number of ships with different characteristics. At first we just fly through the hole (the form of which the first part is not even changed) in the tunnel, and later found the rotating plate, some mechanisms, pop spears and so on. The speed of each chapter is increasing, and with it grows and the number of your mistakes. “One-touch” gameplay (there really is only one button, is responsible for acceleration) preserved in its original form.

However, not all so simple: now we are not dealing with “time-killer” on the phone, and with a full game. The transition to the next “scene” area requires you to a certain number of gold medals. Ships, as well as bonuses, gets in the way, needs to be improved by spending earned points in flights. You feel gradually becoming interested? Here I am not.

Collider 2 game review

So this is what it means “eye zamylilsya”!

The game is to pay tribute only for one thing: the first ten minutes in the head-mounted display it should make an impression – but rather the habit. The edges of the tube are mobile and take up space – the closer you are to them, the more spectacular the distortion. Ship model there, but because the vestibular system rapidly losing his mind, as if in a centrifuge.

However, for this you will quickly get used to, and my eyes begin to climb not terrific ambiance on new technology, and hideous graphics straight from zero. Obviously, it is also done to ensure that the game runs at all potential buyers (VR-demanding the thing), but no it is not an excuse. Any weakness of the technology can be designed to brighten, but he allegedly came to The Collider 2 of the glorious Russian shooters fifteen years ago.

The game is completely focused on migration through the pipe, can not make this an interesting tube – only a dozen obstacles and four possible travel purpose: to meet at a time to collect artifacts, destroy artifacts kill “the boss.” The fact that the latest in game six absolutely identical battles, say even a little embarrassing.

Poor everything here – even such an elementary thing as in-game currency. Miktrotranzaktsy no, thank God, no, but in the time of flight of the pipe it is possible to collect coins. Coin – it is a conditional loan, and for raising the level of, for example, give a two and a half thousand. Is there any logic in this? I doubt it. Particularly the proportion of such strikes in endless mode, where the entire meaninglessness “monetochnyh” sections immediately catches the eye.

Collider 2 game review

To some extent I was even proud that he was able to find in this game is a spectacular shot.
If they wanted to, I can not find any reason for existence The Collider 2 : here almost all bad. There are plenty of other, more successful examples like the endless “letalok”: take, for example, the recent Race of The of Sun , which is at least looks stylish.

Here, obviously, there is a calculation about the same as what at one time pressed “wonderful” horror the Daylight – the first game in the Unreal Engine 4. Roll Out the quiet confirmation of their own mediocrity, earning a pretty penny shameful. Here are just a notorious VR came not in every home, and I want to believe that neither the owner of the helmet, even on an experimental basis would not be spent on such an abomination.