The Banner Saga

Many of us had the opportunity to get to know The Banner Saga through the version that its makers, Stoic , made available to everyone via Steam. The Banner Saga: FactionsIt is a free title of tactical strategy with some elements of role, in which we commanded a group of Vikings and giants in interesting multiplayer matches. That first approach to what is the title we are analyzing today, had an undoubted appeal … but it did not even touch the surface of the game that has finally reached the


platform during this week. There is no doubt that it was a declaration of intent that, with the final version in hand, touched only one or two aspects of the title.


Vital characteristics of its gameplay, without a doubt, but without the flavor that the background and the storyline contribute to the mix remained quite short. And that is, The Banner Saga, is a little bigger than the sum of its parts, as we can see after the first minutes of the game.

The game combines exquisitely three mechanics that are the basic formula for a title of this genre can be considered good: Combat system, evolution of the characters and plot line with interaction by the user, although if we examine each of them by separately we only find characteristics that are slightly revolutionary. The mechanics of role are reduced to the increase of a limited series of values ​​and abilities,



as well as equipping the convenient objects. The combat system does not have complex calculations and statistics, greatly reducing what is seen in other similar titles. The narration that accompanies us during the game is not formed by an infinity of script turns


and transcendental consequences associated with each of the decisions we make. And, however,The Banner Saga end up fitting in such a perfect and polished way that they elevate the quality of the game to really high levels. Something to which the indies are spoiling us.

History takes us to an era without specifying, to a set of Nordic lands that will remind us all of the typical environments that we associate with the Vikings and their homes. The Gods have perished. Without their figure on that of mortals and other creatures, men and giants – varl – ceased any hostility to lean on a fragile alliance against creatures called dredger .


With the joint effort, they managed to move them towards the frozen northern moors, safeguarding the lands that are their home. Nothing has changed, and only the Sun has stopped. Without further delay, The Banner Saga it catapults us directly to the first moment of action – as a tutorial – in which we will learn the basic details of the tactical combat system in turns.


In the city of Strand, two giant warriors face a human warlord and three of his warriors … We control the two varl , part of a larger group that came to the city as collectors, with the once glorious fighter -and now retired- Ubin in front.

The Banner Saga (PC) screenshot

At the time of attack, we can choose if the blow is launched against the enemy’s Force –reducing its health and attack – or against its Armor – adding possibilities for the next blows to be more effective. If we choose the former, we will cause damage based on our


Strengthcompared to the Defender’s Armor . If we choose the latter, we will reduce the opponent’s protection based on our Penetration value , or Break. Simple truth? Well, to this basic premise, The Banner Saga introduces a couple of additional aspects that are Will and Skills.