The artist recreated the location from Silent Hill on a modern engine – the result is impressive

After cancellation Silent Hills Hideo Kojima company Konami not in a hurry to return to the franchise. In the absence of any news about the future of the series, loyal fans try to act on their own, offering a look at what a remake of the classic might look like Silent hill on a modern engine. Another such work belongs to a 3D artist Mike Olsson from visual effects development studio Goodbye kansas.

In his free time from his main occupation, an enthusiast single-handedly recreated a scene in a cafe from the first Silent Hill on Unreal engine 4using texture library Quixels megascans. The end result was beyond praise and perfectly demonstrates what an official remake of the game could have been if Konami hadn’t been idle.

This is how the location looks on UE4:

Original for comparison:

Unfortunately, as in many similar cases, this project is not accessible to the general public. The author also does not plan to make a full-fledged game out of it.

Last year, another artist recreated a restroom from Silent Hill 2 on Unreal Engine 4 with ray tracing technology..

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