Tekken Mobile

The wrestlers have been replenished with loyalty, and even if we are far from what Tekken 7 has seen , the compromise reached is still great.As we are talking about a spin-off chapter, we doubt that story mode (which has not been shown) will continue the story we have been accustomed to following for twenty years at each release of the main series: nevertheless, we will still have a large of the series wrestlers that will immediately make us feel at home once we get to the character selection screen. A handful of cards

Tekken Mobile, tested the new episode of the Namco smartphone for smartphone

Where Tekken Mobile differs more from the big brother, it’s, as can be expected, in gameplay. To move and to do basic attacks we just need to touch the screen at the right point: touching a point behind our character will mean going away and entering a defensive position, touching in the opposite direction will make us advance and touching our opponent will allow us to attack. Tekken Mobile remains a beacon in the soul, therefore, and our goal will always be to bring the lifeblood of our opponent to zero.

But changing is all the other moves: modern smartphones have no keys to insert combo, so we witness the introduction of Waza Cards. They will appear in the lower right corner of our screen, and their use will allow us to perform different types of moves, the effect of which depends on the type of Waza Card used.

There are different types: from the uprights that serve to project our opponent upside down to powerful direct attacks, by means of moves that can break any defenses. Their use takes place in real time without any interruption of the action. On the screen, we will have three Waza Cards at the same time, so you can combine them to make combo killers who will put our opponent on the carpet.

After using a Waza Card, however, it disappears, and before the next card of the deck appears, we will have to wait for a short recharge time, which will allow the opponent to breathe a sigh of relief and try to react. The Waza Cards bunch is freely composed by the player before the start of the game, and although we have not been able to personalize our cards during our testing, we can tell you that right now at the right time will make the right move the difference between life and death.

Instead, it goes back to the previous episodes of Rage Art: this is a particularly powerful attack, usable only when our energy bar is dangerously close to zero. These moves are capable of inflicting a large amount of damage, so that their use can completely overturn the destiny of a game. Fortunately, you can defend yourself or just get out of their range of action, making it fairly a type of move that would otherwise be risky to be overly powerful for the gaming economy. Become the best

Tekken Mobile, tested the new episode of the Namco smartphone for smartphone

As we have mentioned in the opening, the game will be equipped with a story mode: in it, we will have to form a team of three fighters and advance to firing, some of which we will also encounter fearsome bosses. Defeating non-usable opponents will accumulate points that ultimately lead us to unlock that particular character without having to pay for it.

The developers have been crystal clear on this point: the title will be a free-to-play with microtransfers, but it will be possible to unlock everything for free if we continue to play . A formula that is now in vogue, we hope the Namco team knows how to use it properly.