IGN’s Top 25 Most Intimidating Games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

While some publications summarize the outgoing console generation, compiling lists of the best games of different genres, the portal IGN decided to separately highlight the best projects in the horror genre.

In the outgoing generation, horror connoisseurs have witnessed a revival of the genre, which happened not only through the efforts of small indie developers, but also thanks to the interest from large companies like Capcomwho breathed new life into her iconic franchise Resident evil, or publishers Bethesdathat allowed the author of “Resident Evil” Shinji Mikami implement your ideas in dilogy The Evil Within

Despite the presence in the list of major titles, as well as popular indie projects, the first place was taken not even by the full-fledged game, but by the sensational demo version of the canceled horror Silent Hillswhich was developed by the famous Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima in collaboration with the director Guillermo del Toro

P.T. project became truly iconic and inspired many developers to create games in a similar style.

IGN’s Top 25 Best Horror Games of the Outgoing Generation Looks Like this:

  1. P.T.
  2. Outlast
  3. Alien: Isolation
  4. Resident evil 2 remake
  5. Outlast 2
  6. Resident evil vii
  7. Detention
  8. The Evil Within
  9. The Evil Within 2
  10. The forest
  11. Five nights at freddy’s
  12. Doki Doki Literature Club
  13. The last of us
  14. Until dawn
  15. Little nightmares
  16. Yomawari: The Long Night
  17. Bloodborne
  18. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  19. SOMA
  20. Stories Untold
  21. Prey
  22. Layers of Fear
  23. Anatomy
  24. Echo
  25. Observer

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