Tacoma – six at the station, not counting the cat

The main character – Amy Ferrer – arrives at space station “Tacoma”, which is between the Earth and the Moon. Our goal – to remove the central core zaglyuchil artificial intelligence and return it to the manufacturer. By 2088 the technology has evolved so that the AI ​​is quite capable of managing plants and entire cities. Need only a small harness the team – in case something goes wrong. As it happened.


Meeting in full swingMeeting in full swing

The findings, however, do not recommend a hurry. As in Gone Home , the lion’s share stories, you will learn only after a careful study of the environment, and this will deal with most of the time. If desired, the boom can shoot the key points and half an hour (or less) to look at the final titers. Only the essence of Tacoma , in this case, will elude you.

Upon arrival, we almost immediately find out that recently lived on six stations. And for some reason, the local silicon manager “One” fits and starts showing the events of their lives. In augmented reality, we see the crew silhouettes in different time intervals. View virtual memories – mainly engaged in Tacoma .

It turns out that a few days ago at the station there was an accident: a meteorite crashed antenna connection and holed oxygen reserves. How to unscrew the command – remains to be seen. If there is a desire. But believe me, when you’ve got to Tacoma , then pass a single gameplay mechanics it is not necessary: it is the whole game.

Localization text into other languages ​​is made in the spirit of applications that impose translation of the original textLocalization text into other languages ​​is made in the spirit of applications that impose translation of the original text

The peculiarity of the last visualization that events unfold often simultaneously in several rooms. Therefore it is necessary first to observe some characters, then the wind off the record back and have to follow for the other. Whereby the passage is stretched at least three hours. Provided that you also read the scattered notes and twist in the hands of random items.

Several “memoirs” refers to the main plot, while others are intended only to disclose the carriage. Heroes authors make a special rate.

As you go, we know the team, characters, personal problems and experiences. In theory. Unfortunately, timing product is too small to look into the soul of each employee station.

To add more differences between the characters, the authors use the technique that is very like ardent fans of tolerance – diversity of race and sexual orientation.

Do not get me wrong. This in itself is not bad and not good – just there. Sadly, the most memorable features of the characters – it is their shape, color and preferences in bed. Adjust external parameters under a single standard, and will only templates.

Games in augmented reality brightens team partnerGames in augmented reality brightens team partner

Yes, someone who likes to draw, the other – the musician, the third miss my family. But it is impossible to escape the feeling that you look at the archetypes only with a claim to originality.

Of course you will say that to fully reveal so many people for almost three hours – an impossible task. Only the author of a remarkable What Remains of Edith Finch pair of deft strokes filled lives of several generations of a family. Because the story was used for, among other things, the main feature of the game: the ability to take part in the events.


Fullbright Company with Gone Home shows how you can build an unusual story, based on a study of the world. But since then, out of The Stanley Parable , of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter of the same for What Remains of Edith Finch of . And we know that the “walk simulators” might be even smarter, may involve not only history, but also the process itself. After interactivity – the main weapon of the games, the important part, which is devoid of cinema and literature.

What kind of game on the space theme complete without flying in zero gravity? What kind of game on the space theme complete without flying in zero gravity?

On hand Tacoma plays a very accurate visual performance. The authors have worked well over the space station environment, filled it with the details and thought through in terms of the logical device. Only here and you have the opportunity to leisurely wander the way through the compartments, look under every desk and explore the personal working team place. Just not enough.