How to Survive 2

Although the plot is not at all the central point of the game, it is worth mentioning the encounter with numerous characters that will expand our sources of available quests while allowing us to enjoy small plot arcs loaded with bizarre situations and lots of humor, which does not prevent the least that the game is really repetitive in its playable mechanics.

Mother Russia Bleeds

Whenever we are not on a mission, we will find ourselves in a vast rural area that, for all practical purposes, is our camping area: we can build as much and as much of it as we want, although the most sensible thing at first is to centralize it in a small and easily controllable land.

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Although the orders we receive will have their own justification argued by whoever sends us, Our true motivation will be to acquire resources and experience that will allow our camp to thrive. In both cases we will have to learn to manage them as well as possible.

Although at first we will notice the lack of objects and it might seem that we are progressing with some slowness, the truth is that How to Survive 2 is not a game at all demanding in this respect. Although, in the first contact, we can regret states of thirst or hunger for not finding what to restore them, most likely in a few hours we can afford to share our supplies with other players without too many problems. In the case of other material resources, however, we can run into very


different situations: abundance of material to build weapons and very specific goods, but desperate shortage of other highly demanded tools for buildings or improvements in general. This is where we find a strange imbalance, because just as it will be difficult to be badly armed to face the missions,

How to Survive 2 (PC) screenshot

The other essential element that we discussed earlier, the experience, takes a long time to stagnate. The truth is that it is perfectly normal to feel that we have more points during, quietly, the first twenty hours of play. However, the points obtained have to be widely distributed among several sections: camp level, character level and skills.


Basically, the system is to increase the level of the camp to have access to new buildings to build and, not least, to raise the level of the character, since it


can not be higher than the camp. Raising the level of the character, in turn, opens access to various skills that will improve specific aspects of our character, which we can acquire in exchange for more experience points. In this way,

In addition to all this, we can talk about an important point in this type of games: the difficulty. To what has already been said, we must add that the level of the camp determines the hardness of the enemies that we will find throughout the central territory (that is, outside the missions). That is why it is not advisable to increase too much if we do not accompany


improvements in our character and, above all, in our armament, although we must also mention the general accessibility of the title. Indeed, How to Survive 2 does not necessarily present a challenge, offering a variable level of difficulty according to the player’s preferences but, in general, not very high.

How to Survive 2 (PC) screenshot

Upon entering each mission we will find the minimum level required to perform it, from which it will be adapted to that of our character and we ourselves can determine if we want to harden it a little more or, on the contrary, reduce its requirement.


It is an interesting option for more experienced players and, above all, to enjoy a multiplayer mode that shares all the characteristics of the individual campaign, with the incentive of being accompanied and able to share all the objects.


Playing with other survivors is especially recommended to reduce the feeling of constant repetition that may arise after the first hours, since the title is very long in duration but not so much in variety, despite having an acceptable number of enemies to whom face.