In the new “Batman” showed a new suit

The new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne reveals what the new superhero costume will be like and how much he will differ from previous incarnations of this character from The Dark Knight and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn justice. “

According to, information has appeared on the network that the new Batman costume design for the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson will be based on the work of renowned illustrator and artist Lee Bermejo, who has worked on many comics DC Comics. Lee Bermejo created the original Batman costume design for several graphic short stories, the most famous of which is Batman: Noel, released in 2011. Thus, the new hero costume in the movie “Batman” may be inspired by the costume from this short story, and will get a gloomy and realistic look in gray-black tones with a large cloak.

It is interesting that earlier Lee Bermejo himself showed on his social networks concept art of how the leading actor Robert Pattinson in Batman’s new look might look. Fans can also appreciate the look of a possible costume on the official Batman: Noel statuette from Prime 1 Studio. A similar look was realized in the game Batman: Arkham Origins in the famous Batman: Arkham series. As you can see, this version differs significantly from those costumes that viewers could see in other Bruce Wayne films, including Justice League with Ben Affleck and The Dark Knight: The Legend Rebirth with Christian Bale. .

It is worth noting that it is not yet known exactly how Batman’s costume will look officially in the final version of the project, and who is developing the final design of this important attribute. According to, the main actors for the new Batman movie have already been approved, and filming will begin later this year. The release of the movie “Batman”, which will be the beginning of a new trilogy, is scheduled for June 2023.