Lost Horizon 2

Fenton Dzhons

True, he Paddock, and the atmosphere of the game have changed a bit. First Lost Horizon somewhat reminiscent of the “Indiana Jones” in the classical quest format. Here, everything has been done according to the same recipes.

It was in the 30s of the last century. Leaving behind military service, Fenton Paddock turned into a charming, but not too successful smuggler and treasure hunter. He traveled around the world, including Tibet, India, Hong Kong and Marrakech, to find the legendary Shambhala, stop the Nazis, trying to create a super-weapon, and most importantly, to charm his companion.

And yet it was spiced with humor, irony and romance and violent fantasy authors, makes us unconventional to use the surrounding objects: for example, to throw pumpkins in the “Messerschmitt” and set fire to forgive, mountain goat poop, pre-thrusting them into the gramophone.

Fathers and daughters

So, in Lost Horizon 2 Only at first glance it seems that nothing has changed. Services that the action moved to the 40 – 50 th, and the place of the mythical Shambhala took no less than the legendary city of Asgard, and the Scandinavian gods and powerful artifacts. We’re also travel around the world (this time on the tour programs Egypt – Berlin – Moscow – Scandinavia), faced with the insidious Nazis (now joined by no less treacherous representatives of the KGB) and port their plans for misuse of powerful artifacts of antiquity.

And Paddock seems to be all the same macho: he’s secretly penetrates fortified military base, that runs from captivity, but rushes on a motorcycle in the company of a pretty blonde, dodging oncoming traffic and bombs falling from the sky …

Lost Horizon 2 game review

Some of the players here just understand what the phone rotate the disc!

But in fact, in Lost Horizon 2 all the more serious and even tragic. Our hero works for British intelligence, sees the death of comrades, he had kidnapped her daughter, then a couple of times that has to be rescued from death. And in the end we even get the opportunity to change the past in such a way that the two girls did not see how they are killed in front of the Pope.

In general, despite some hackneyed plot (again mythical artifacts, the Nazis, and now the “bloody gebnya”), the story and is able to surprise and touch.

classic adventure

Change atmosphere and reflected on the game process. We’re also control different characters, sometimes switch between them, solve riddles and puzzles subject, participate in mini-games. But in general, there is much less use of humor and unusual things. Everything is traditional and serious, or something: lubricate rusty lock, put together two short planks one long, divert call butler, interfering sneak into the house, turn the valve wrench, send a telegram in Morse code, and so on.

More often than in the first part, we are doing the classic quest exercises: mend all sorts of mechanisms, decipher coded locks and mysterious signs correctly we arrange all sorts of runes and symbols … Good or bad – there is already a matter of taste. Someone likes it hot and cheerful, but someone – and smarter pologichnee.

Besides periodically Lost Horizon 2 still includes the “Indiana Jones”. About dashing ride on a motorcycle, we have said, and still sometimes we are forced to play stealth or timer is started to in the allotted time, we managed to escape from a burning building.

But that did not really like is the need to pinch and pull the mouse, as in the series PenumbraTo open the door or drawer, turn the valve disc or phone. The dimensions horror movies it seemed logical, but here looks frankly unnecessary.

Lost Horizon 2 game review

Graphics since the first part of the bit pulled.