Start with the fact that the plot resembles a collection of quotations and stamps entitled “How to write a script for a half-hour of horror.” Where SOMA philosophically reflects on life and death, Syndrome says most ordinary and primitive for space horror story.

As usual, our hero wakes up in a desolate cryochamber on a spaceship, he does not remember much, but soon realizes that half the crew died, and the rest turned into horrible monsters, which tore into shreds the first. Naturally, the blame for this kind of artifact, brought on board – because it all started to be rude, aggressive and indecent.

Now we need to somehow get out, but to help in this will be the surviving crew members, who periodically get in touch by radio and asked to go back, fix it, start the engines on the third deck, activate the shield on the fourth, to get the key card the fifth and the return to the third. So you will the entire game to run up and down the same dark corridors, repeatedly returning to the familiar room.

Surviving meanwhile cursing, blaming each other for what happened on board the ship, and urge us not to believe the previous speaker. Here there is the intrigue that while, admittedly, keeps in suspense, but the bubble soon burst – you can predict the ending is already in the middle of the passage, it is not afraid to make a mistake.

And, of course, the whole game we will collect the various diary records that shed light on what happened here (although everything is clear). But they are written as plain and boring, and that is not particularly want to read.

Syndrome game review

Visual effects are used in the picture without any sense of proportion.


Repetition – the mother of torment

In the course of the game as many cliches and familiar moves. If you see a scanner that will open the door, it is necessary to attach to it the right hand, then do not hesitate – Soon someone will have to cut off the dead hand. If you stand around and irritate broken robots, then do not go to a fortune – after some time, they necessarily will turn on!

No complicated puzzles – sometimes you need to break into any system, having a simple mini-game on the reaction. Or synchronize the system percentages something there – decided the selection of the desired numbers.

Periodically come across monsters, which Syndrome very strong. Therefore it is necessary to run past them, his legs (and endurance ends) or play hide and seek with the enemies of: crawling on all fours, so as not to create noise, throwing bottles, diverting attention, and hiding in the cabinets. Needless exactly where we’ve already seen.

But often can not avoid an open fight, and here Syndrome shows some personality – this is one of the rare horror, where we handed out firearms. Arsenal, however, meager (pistol, rifle, shotgun), ammunition is never enough, and shooting mechanics implemented frankly bad.

Generally speaking, weapons Syndrome resembles such utter Doom 3 for the poor. It’s not even in the arms and in the technical execution, how then work with shadow and light as periodically release us enemies. It seems to be all right and looks good, but the second time too, and in general it is reminiscent of that game ten years ago …