Syfy is preparing a television series about Chucky’s doll

Tv channel Syfy ordered the production of a series based on the adventures of the cult killer doll Chucky, the protagonist of the recent film “Kids games“. Showrunner will perform Don Manciniwho came up with the franchise. He will also shoot the first episode of the upcoming show.

Chucky was born in 1988, when the original film “Children’s Games” was released, directed and co-authored by Tom Holland, and the script was written by Don Mancini. The picture gave rise to six sequels and the author of the script was invariably Mancini. He also personally shot three films. The last part of the anthology – a remake of “Children’s Games” – was created by a completely new creative team and released in 2019.

The film tells about the old Chucky doll that suddenly appeared on a suburban sale, after which a small American town is plunged into chaos. A series of terrifying murders that swept through it reveals the duplicity and lies of its inhabitants.

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