Every Joke Needs Punchline: HBO Max May Get A Series About The Joker’s New Companion

Manual WarnerMedia is considering the possibility of releasing the series on HBO Maxdedicated to the new companion Joker… The editor-in-chief shared new information Geekosity Mikey Sutton

It’s about the villainous hipster Alexis Kaywho is known by her pseudonym Punchline… The character debuted in DC comics in 2023, becoming a more radical version. Harley quinn, who went on a solo voyage.

Rumors that Punchline could appear in the DC MCU appeared in the spring of 2023. Sutton said HBO Max’s streaming service needs new subscribers attracted by famous characters. Therefore, WarnerMedia began to discuss a project about the Joker or Harley Quinn.

The problem is that both characters are “reserved”. The company still expects to release a sequel to the film. “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix, and the series can draw attention from theatrical release.

As for Harley Quinn, her image was actually usurped Margot Robbie… The only exception was the animated series, which received several seasons.

According to insiders, the project “Punchline“has not yet been launched into production, because top managers are still at the stage of discussing ideas. According to preliminary data, the image of the villain will be a combination of the Joker and Harley Quinn, and the series will receive an adult rating of R. It is also possible that the main villain cameo Batmanbut it’s unclear who will play it.

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