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Of course, we are overwhelmed by the pitiful syndrome of the last game because it is an obvious and well-known thing. Other than the ZeroCalcare Bermuda Hours, here you start playing in an aperitif, and time to exult for a handful of legendary skin in the boxes that already the birds out of the world begin to chirp. 

It does not even make me sleep Overwatch anymore . You decide to go out to go to the cinema, get a beer, or just see you with someone, with the pensive illusion of going home and going to sleep finally at a decent hour because Overwatchyou do not even touch it tonight, because you know you can defeat the temptations.

Then comes the infamous message of the WhatsApp group of your regular players, the prestigious Team Lasagna of which you are the proud leader (if you have crossed “WhiteLasagna”, “RedLasagna”, “BlueLasagna” and beautiful company in Rainbow Six Siege on PC, we are us) of the third evening, around 23:30: “We are online. What are you doing, come in? Let’s see that there is Leila in the very big tonight. ”

And today we go to sleep early tomorrow. It made me love the role everyone hatesWho played with some clarity a random MOBA has already realized where I’m going to parade. We talk about support, the role that serves to bring home the games and nobody wants to play

Go (down) Thoughts

. Because if the match is fine, nobody is counted as a piece (and three times on four is yours), but if by mistake the defeat is over, then it is all your fault because you have never cared for it, you did not place the towers, or whatever what you have to do, but that you actually did for the whole game as your teammates went into incredible games, forgetting not to be Koreans and dying like cuttlefish in the sun.

The beautiful Overwatchis that support characters are the most fun to play, but the more you play them and the more you fall into the abyss of a Stockholm syndrome towards your teammates. Until a while ago I could argue that Symmetra, at least, was a little useful pick, but that soul of Jeff Kaplan has set it right now and it’s also exciting to play. Playing support in such a game is usually an incredible boredom, but Overwatchit makes you run to click on one of the characters in the right part of the screen.

All this is sublimated by that played of the game you do every 150 match, but when it happens it’s something like an ultra of Zenyatta to stomp the Pharah Rain of Fire, while the allied Soldier activates the Viewer and pulls all that that you can legitimately pull down. And this brings us to the next point. Toward the play of the game that exalts us We have said that playing in a deaf play is fun, in Overwatch

Go (down) Thoughts

. Yes, though … At Ultimate Ultimate of Reaper in a row ending in the highlight of the game you start to feel like trying to get in there as well. The first step is to take Reaper just because in the end it takes to press a button when the enemies are all close?

It takes time for a Widowmaker to let you pass the headache every time you put your nose out of a shelter, a Reinhardt that overwhelms you every 3 to 2 as a late Frecciarossa, a Bastion played by a Reducing Vietnam War , and a Hanzo pulling arrows bouncing on three hundred corners before taking you to the head. And then you start to sieve all those you usually see in the play of the game: Pharah, Soldier-76, Bastion, etc.

The result is always that: to chase the game of the game you end up dying a lot of times.Then comes the quadruple with Hanzo’s dragon and you think he has done it, but of course the play of the game fanfare is Torbjorn in turn, whose turret recalls the Valentine’s Day massacre at King’s Row while the shot is on the player stop that went to the bathroom. 

When you finally get rid of the best game of slavery, everything is beautiful again. Play for fun by giving you the best of yourself, and with that mental state you end up enjoying the entire resuscitation film of Mercy’s team at 3 feet from the opponent’s payload, then rolling the game up.

But you did take Reaper this shift. We could be heroes I’ve already told you about Overwatch’s characters

Go (down) Thoughts