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The Syberia saga is known for marking an entire generation, being considered its first two installments among the jewel in the crown of the graphic adventures . Benoît H. Sokaland Microïds brought us the first adventure of Kate Walker in 2002.


We entrusted a New York lawyer sent especially to a remote Alpine village with the mission of acquiring a company of automatons owned by Hans Voralberg , an old man and genius inventor . The matter was complicated and


we were immersed in a series of strange events that made us shoot our ingenuity. Along the way we made great friends, like the beloved Óscar, and at the last moment of the title Miss Walker evolved from a simple lawyer trapped in a life she did not want to live to begin to release her adventurous spirit.

Two years later we received the second delivery, in 2004, where we were able to enjoy a great trip with our favorite train driver automaton, the elderly


Voralberg and new additions, like the youkol tribe so present in this third installment. A journey to the frozen and recondite lands of Syberia to fulfill the vital dream of our inventive friend of seeing mammoths.

13 years have passed until we have the third delivery in our hands. After some delays, the hype accumulated by this title makes it be considered one


of the most anticipated releases of 2017. Will it be up to such expectation? Let’s go through step by step each of the points we have played, suffered and lived in Syberia 3 .


A story full of symbolism

We woke up trapped in a hospital and soon discovered that the nomadic youkol tribe rescued us from the snow, where we were passed out due to the extreme weather in the events that occurred at the end of the second installment of the saga.


Therefore, this Syberia 3 takes the story right where we left off. Even so, someone who has not played the first two will be able to catch up


immediately thanks to the gloomy Dr.Mangöling and his interrogation in the first minutes of the game, where we will review our biography and refresh the details of the previous adventure.

We will meet Kurk , the spiritual leader of the tribe, being trapped in the clinic by Madame Olga Efimova , who will collaborate with the army forces to


prevent the youkol, led by the eccentric  Ayawaska shaman from performing their mystical migration with the ostriches of snow. This is an ancestral tradition that only happens every 20 years and because of our


spirit thirsty for new adventures (and grateful for having saved us), we will decide to help our new friends to solve all the challenges and problems that the long road brings us. During this journey we will meet many other endearing characters who will have a place in the heart of Kate Walker and in our own as the


watchmaker Simon Steiner and his granddaughter Sarah or Captain Obo and the Krystal, his ship. In addition, someone very special will come back to our side to accompany us once again and help us solve the messes in which we get.

But history is not limited to what is explicitly visible. It is like when in our childhood we raised a stone from the earth and discovered that an


anthill was hidden under it. A whole network of underground tunnels with hundreds of tiny unsuspecting inhabitants. The now Syberia trilogy produces the same sensation to those who really find their true spirit.


Issues such as racism , feminism , spirituality or even oppressionby major forces are latent in this delivery, being perceptible in conversations, characters, art of the paintings and in the world as a whole. We could even talk about an amplitude of sexual views in our protagonist,


since after being deceived by her boyfriend (with her best friend), in this installment she is more sure of herself and we can enjoy a scene with the aforementioned Sarah where the The barrier between friendship and romantic interest is not so clear.

Even so, and as a counterpoint, we can say that at the end of the story we have a bittersweet taste, because we feel that some points in the story have not been explained well enough and we have not been comfortable without seeing and saying goodbye to certain characters.


Therefore, the main plot is not as closed as at the end of Syberia 2, producing a feeling closer to what we felt with the first delivery, where we ended up on a train to the unknown with more questions and narrative concerns than ever.


The fact that the end of this third installment is open could point to a new future delivery that would serve to solve all these unknowns with which they have left us.

syberia_3_travel.jpg screenshot