Snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing These three disciplines based on the balance on a table and that so often go hand in hand have nevertheless had a very different development in the world of video games. While the first two have given rise to important franchises and generated a loyal public, the water sport has not unfortunately enjoyed the same fortune.


And the result is a product that fulfills its purpose more than correctly, without becoming any wonder. The first thing that strikes the attention of this Surf: World Series is the direct thing that goes to the grain. Just a nice introduction of relaxing sound and minimalist style, and the game opens almost everything you have to offer from the start .

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

Straight to the point

We decided what to do: use the surf school to learn little by little, or get directly into flour with free surfing, events and online modes. We can also customize our surfer, but unlike what is usual, the game will not force us to do so when we start playing but we must access an option called surfer for it. It is clear that Climax Studios has wanted to avoid to the maximum the barrier between starting a new game and playing.

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

Each of the modes is explained almost from its own name. Thus, surf school offers us to learn the different tricks possible as a tutorial along with an assessment that encourages us to replay them to improve our results. It does not stop being a tutorial, but again, the player is not forced to go through here if he does not want it, and at the same time he tries to offer a certain replayability somewhat greater than that of a tutorial to use.

The bulk of the game focuses on events, a way in which, divided as missions, we will visit the five coasts included in Surf: World Series. Each of these missions consists of overcoming a pre-set series of challenges (perform specific tricks, add a score or a number of combos determined …) to unlock new ones.

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

But if what we simply want is to take the board and launch ourselves to surf the waves, free surfing will allow us the freedom to enjoy simply doing tricks and adding pointsat our pace, whether in South Africa, Australia, USA. UU., Brazil or Portugal. The game also allows us to change the time of day and weather conditions.

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

Marking our style

In spite of being apparently cornered, the personalization options of our character show a certain mime, although they do not stand out . The design of the avatar is prefixed, so we will have to choose between one of the existing options. By


default we will be Daniel, an American attraction, but we can choose from a Caucasian blonde like Liva to a British mulatto like Marcus or even a New Zealander of Chinese descent like Jacob Tao. The Japanese Kimiko and the Brazilian Ana Luiza complete the varied roster.

Where we can leave our personal imprint is in the equipment, with great freedom to choose the color and design of the tops, swimsuits and ne


oprene suits of our character, as well as to customize our table. As we play the options will increase to make our outfit unique.

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

“Online mode”

The online mode allows us to create public, private or join a quick game, all with up to fifteen people. Yes, we play alone, and only at the end of each round we can see the name of the winner and their scores, which is very interesting in th


is way . On the positive side, it is possible to play in cosolas even without paying subscription to network services.

There are three types of online game: great battle (in which we have to get the best possible score in a minute and a half), Sur


vival (reach the end of the wave) and championship . However, despite the obvious difference between the three, the experience does not vary much.

Surf World Series (PC) screenshot

Graphically we are facing the same as in the rest of the title: a product compliant, that without being pointer in anything does enter through the eyes , which also contributes to its careful aesthetics in the menus. To this aspect is added the sound section, with very careful effects and melodies that match perfectly with the aesthetics of the game.

The controls, meanwhile, require a time to be done with them and never get to feel intuitive,  but do not prevent the game can


be fun once we are able to chain tricks on the waves. Surf: World Series, in addition, it arrives to us in a correct Spanish with some loose errata that does not prevent to enjoy the title, that on the other hand lacks history or argument.