Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Warning Spoilers: although we will avoid destripes in this text, it is necessary to warn the possible interested ones in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 that the game covers all the end of Shippuden and events that can be seen in the films The Last and Boruto. The readers of the manga in Spanish of Planeta will find events ahead of the last issue published, as well as those who are following the Japanese series (and its infinite fillings).

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a gift to Naruto and his fans . It has always been said that CyberConnect 2 is the company that has best known how to play an anime in the videogame. And despite launching practically one a year, and having deliveries in which innovation has not been precisely the strength of it, it has always been able to offer something attractive


to the public to whom the game is really intended: the amateur of the work from Masashi Kishimoto. I already did it with the PS2 titles, and I have continued doing it with Ultimate Ninja Storm, series released on PS3 and that still amaze us today because of its exquisite cel-shading and careful work recreating the characters and their techniques, knowing how to go beyond of the series itself to look spectacular.

From that first game, Ultimate Ninja has grown from that root, with modifications and additions according to the circumstances. There was a significant change from the first to the second, as a result of the introduction of the online game, which caused the study to shorten elements such as the final techniques in favor of a faster game – a decision that still some of us


look with frowns. They have added characters, played with different modes, put and removed combat elements and added a long list of characters and modifications for them. But an essential element has always remained that of telling the story of the manga in its own way, exciting and spectacular. The way to do it, through kinematic sequences and QTE, is not to everyone’s


taste, but it can not be denied that they know how to mount impressive scenes with a great audiovisual impact. On more than one occasion it has been pointed out thatCyberConnect 2 does a better job of reproducing certain moments of the anime than the series itself – quite inconsistent in the quality of its animation, capable of the best and the worst.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PC) screenshot

All this comes to an end. Like the manga, like the series (someday), Ultimate Ninja Storm closes its story with this installment. And in a certain way it is appropriate that it does, since this line has had a progressive development that have created a


feeling of homogeneity between the different deliveries, producing some exhaustion. Therefore, CyberConnect 2 offers us a game that brings together the best of all that trajectory and has a strong nostalgic flavor for those who have followed Shippuden, a way to


celebrate what has been achieved and bring it together in a last party in which we can see some of the most representative details in terms of mechanics, presentation and template. It is not ruled out that the Japanese company will continue to be linked to the


Naruto universe in the future, but it would be with another formula, something good and necessary after having successfully completed a cycle.

The first part of the game resides in the story mode, where the final part of the 4th Ninja War is covered and the very end of the manga. In total there are about 10 hours of play, in which CyberConnect 2 has made good use of the technological leap that the current platforms allow. The game in its base is still a title of the last generation – something that disguises well thanks to the


quality of cel shading and some improvements applied – but uses the extra margin of power to present moments and more impressive sequences, with better and more powerful effects and special effects festival. It also takes advantage to introduce game moments with hundreds of enemies on screen, and richer and denser QTE sequences that do justice to the cataclysmic fights that are seen in this part of the story.