Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Super Nes)
The 90s and the Power Rangers were full of popularity: the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2D scrolling beat-em-up was perfectly in lin
e with what any player wanted to find in a brand-name videogame: starting in the Rangers’ human form having to gain experience to be able to turn added that extra touch to the title, making him a driving force and passionate. N
ot to mention that human form and Ranger have different set of moves, and of course they adapt to the “shape” you are playing. A real brand video game incarnation then, which gathered many consents and saw the release of the sequel a few years later. Although the latter proved to be even better, we decided to mention the first,
Power Rangers
Power Rangers: Super Legends (PS2, PC)
Let’s go from a 2D title to
what’s probably one of the best 3D games dedicated to Power Rangers . Super Legends lets you play any character from the show, for a total of twenty-one Rangers. The more passionate players then enjoyed the coop mode, capable of really plunging the player in
to the dynamic and colorful Rangers universe. Power Rangers: Super Legends is to be regarded as a true tribute to the saga and it is not a mystery that, given the release in the historical period where Disney owned the rights to exploit the brand, is certainly one of the games dedicated to PR he could enjoy a higher budget than the average invested in the franchise.
Power Rangers
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm (Game Boy Advance)
No doubt the best RP game developed for Game Boy. Graphically well done, starting with characters to finish with the backgrounds, Ninja St
orm offers a very nice Quicktime event dedicated to the Zord, which despite creating a more cinematic effect to the sequences, deprives the game a bit of action and dynamism. The game comes from the serious homonym, famous for raising somehow the humor of the show: the version for Game Boy however decides not to pay too much attention to t
his expectation, which along with an interesting but not perfectly finished gameplay represent a bit ‘ the real misses of the game. Despite this, the title is considered to be successful, and certainly the best for the platform.
Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (PS4, XBOXONE)
Despite our review it has definitely cracked it, Mega Battle is a game that if contextualized in the video game history of Power Rangers must be cited. Frenetic and a bit crazy proposes a gameplay sometimes too linear but still manages to give some entertainment.
The true strength of this Mega Battle lies, however, in the narrative component: the facts told in the game deviate from the continuity of the show. In this way, the game is an excellent entry point for fans of the last hour, who will face the Power Rangers universe for the first time. Between a few highs and so many lows, Power Rangers Mega Battle can be considered a bad game, but it will make you sing out “Go, go Power Rangers!”